ATB Amazes Atlanta Clubgoers

On Friday, April 18th, I had the opportunity to work with my good friends at Liquified in Atlanta and Opera Nightclub to cover ATB’s stop on his Contact Album Release Tour. Working with Liquified is always the high point in my month, they truly provide top-notch DJs and always keep the main goal fan satisfaction.

First let me start by saying if you have never visited to Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, make it a point to check it out! This venue is very impressive from the first moment you enter. Perfectly placed lighting and an incredible sound system just add to the enjoyment while experiencing world-renowned DJs. You will be greeted and taken care of by the most personable security, on point bar staff and accommodating VIP staff I have encountered. They literally work their hardest to make sure your experience is mind-blowing. Every time I have stepped foot in this club I have had no complaint about the service received.

After a listening to the opening DJ for a couple of hours it was time for the main attraction, ATB! From the get-go you could tell this musical maestro was going to take us on one incredible journey. It is so refreshing hearing this legend, his transitions are seamless and the sounds emitted from the speaker make you smile almost immediately.


ATB has such range during his show playing anything from melodic trance that we all love to the outright bangers. The transformation from the very nice polite person to an incredibly energetic and crowd pumping DJ was awesome to experience.

Throughout the night he would get on the mic and hype everyone in the crowd, he was having so much fun. There is nothing better than experiencing the joy of someone doing what they love to do, a true showman! For me personally the highlight of the night is when he dropped “Apollo”. It was almost as if he pulled out a giant blanket of smiles and draped it over the fantastic crowd of fans at Opera. Moments like that are the things people will remember long after the show is over.

ATB is one of the best at what he does and after experiencing this show there is no doubt at all. At the end of his set he came from behind the DJ booth and gave a high-five basically to everyone within arms reach of the stage. He was so grateful that everyone experienced this night with him and his gratitude was so apparent.

After the set I had a few moments to grab a picture and chat with this incredible artist and the whole time we were talking he made it feel as if there were no one else in the room but us. ATB truly engages all of his fans like this whether it be during a set or on his way out of the venue. Such a top-notch artist with an even better personality to accompany it. Thank you ATB for doing what you do best that night and giving us the opportunity to share it with you.

resize_hpWhen traveling to Atlanta for these shows my good friend Henry “Parker” Reyes, Marketing Manager at Liquified, always makes working the show extremely easy. Parker goes out of his way before after and during each event that The Scene is Dead covers to make sure we get everything we need. He is a prime example of how great Liquified truly is. I did have the chance to spend some time with him while in Atlanta, we discussed a few things regarding his position and Liquified.

First I asked Parker, what’s your favorite part of the job?

“Working with talented, world-renowned artists on a weekly basis. The opportunity to build relationships and pick the brains of the industries most successful people is priceless in my eyes. Also, witnessing people and fans “in the moment” at our events is a pretty amazing feeling. Knowing that your hard word has caused happiness and joy for other people is a pretty great thing.”

What are the deciding factors for which talent Liquified brings in?

“There is no tried and true formula when it comes to booking talent. But we do try to hit a wide range of genres monthly, attempting to please every type of the dance music lover in our market. Lately we have been experimenting with non mainstream acts, because we know the fan base is out there.”

Lastly we spoke about his thoughts on ATB,

“ATB really cares about his fans. In order to make the event more intimate for his fans, we were asked to rearrange the DJ booth. Considering this event was primarily trance, crowd interaction was a priority. That, along with his openness to take photos with his fans before and after the gig. ATB was great to work with.”

Parker is truly a great representation of a class act. I enjoy working with him each and every time we visit the Atlanta area! #atlantatrancefamily was also represented at the ATB show in Atlanta. I had the opportunity hear the opinions of a few passionate members regarding ATB’s show.

Ryan Montgomery said,

“For some it was just a casual club night. For others it was anything but. A lot of us have been involved in Atlanta Nightlife for years and have heard some of the world’s top DJs, but not ATB. That ended Friday as Liquified and Opera Nightclub presented us with the legendary ATB. Playing such tracks as ‘Marrakech’, ‘Apollo Road’ and ‘Ecstasy’, the dance floor was hopping and full with people proud to be part of the party. The chants of A-T-B, A-T-B, A-T-B echoed through the hall styled opera house that is Opera Nightclub with all of us fans enthralled in his music. At one point we all came together and started singing ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’, but we were in Heaven. That euphoric moment when the avid listener and the casual clubgoer looked up and said, ‘Damn’, ‘This is fun’ and ‘Hell Yeah’. That was the experience Friday night. One for all of us to look back on and remember where we were, who we were with and be thankful that there’s the music of ATB.”rm

Andrea Carter stated,

“Having never seen ATB live, I was so excited to hear him play. After sampling his new album, I knew Atlanta was in for a treat, so my husband and I drove over from Birmingham, AL The vibe was so full of energy all night long and everyone was so excited to see him. He thought it was fun to tease us with the famous intro line of 9 PM (Till I Come)” several times to mess with our minds until he played the entire song toward the end of his set, ’cause that’s what DJs do best. It was an amazing show and I am so glad we came. It was truly an epic night.”


Archie Oz also added to this epic night saying,

“My experience at ATB was so great that I can’t find the right words to describe it. It’s like I was so anxious to see him come on stage, that when he finally came on stage I went speechless. I could feel my blood flowing in my body, my hearth filled with love. All of a sudden I felt so connected to the music, the laser lights and everyone else there. ATB has a great personality unlike the new producers he makes sure his fans get what they want, they want pictures he takes pictures with them. They want to high five  him, he high fives everyone he can. He’s absolutely one of a kind and for that I’m grateful.”


This trip to Atlanta was a success, I cannot wait until the next time I have the chance to work in Atlanta. A big thank you to Liquified and Opera Nightclub for being amazing hosts to me that night!

Below are photos and videos from ATB’s Contact Album Release Tour show at the Opera Nightclub. At the bottom of the page you will find Liquified’s upcoming lineup.






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