Veteran DJ Seeking $20k to Pay off Debts to Promoters Tour Expenses

Terrence Parker has been an active DJ since 1982 and has been releasing music since 1987 and has travelled the world playing events of all sizes but somewhere along the way he started taking money without playing gigs. He is a house producer/DJ from Detroit and has always played behind the decks with a telephone that is wired to the headphone jack. Even though he’s been around for so long it doesn’t mean he’s rolling in the cash, he has started an Indiegogo account trying to raise $20,000 to pay back debts owed to promoters and also cover expenses related to an upcoming tour.

While much of the world is focused on the millionaire DJs making $20k in 30 minutes there’s another world of DJs old and new that aren’t making any money or have somehow gone down a less than professional approach of owing promoters money. Even though Terrence Parker has made some mistakes he is trying to fix them. It’d be cool to see one his more successful peers help him to get back on the right track.

A $1,000 donation will you get you lifetime guest list to all his events around the world! Drop $100 and you’ll get into three events for free.

Terrence Parker wrote this on his Indiegogo page:

I need to raise money to help cover debts owed to promoters due to poor DJ Tour management and expenses related to my current DJ tours. My once stellar reputation has been damaged because of many broken or empty promises made which left me unable to travel and perform at several shows; disappointing my fans and friends. I have been working very hard on my own trying to recoup the monies to restore the promoters. While I have successfully paid in full refunds to many promoters, there are other who I still owe.

Those who know me personally know I have worked hard and sacrificed much over many years. There is a chance I will be forced to stop DJing if I do not resolve this issue. This is why I am humbled to ask for your help.

What has happened for him to owe money? The web site Sloth Boogie in the UK posted these claims:

Andy Peyton, XOYO London:
“In short he made us pay him up front last November, was immediately threatening to cancel when we said we would pay a deposit in the New Year so we paid. He said he was coming up until the day before, then just didn’t turn up. Said a few days later that he was going to return the money, has ignored emails since.”…”Said he couldn’t get in the country because of past debts to promoters, which is simply not true”

Donnie Keys, Nest Leeds:
It’s quite ironic the divie DJs with a telephone as he can’t pick one up when I’m ringing him. We paid 50% up front which was £500 then paid for flights from Detroit Citttahhh another £550 then he cancelled and wanted to re-arrange so we booked another flight from D-town for £550 with visa cards etc it came to £1700 he owed us it’s been 2 years now too he’s paid peanuts back and still owes us £800+”

Terrence Parker goes on to say:

The Impact

There are many excellent DJs out here and I respect all of them. However my focus is to spread positivity and the love of JESUS CHRIST through the music and my unique skill set. People from all races, genders, and religious beliefs (including non-believers) attend my shows enjoying the positive atmosphere of good vibes & good music. Through my DJing and music I want to continue to bring light to dark places and give hope to those who feel all is lost.

Those who know me (both personally and professionally) know I am a person of integrity. Unfortunately I have been challenged with this terrible set of circumstances which has put me in this position. I take responsibility for my part, learned important lessons, and now I’m ready to move forward. I have received tremendous support from family, close friends, and colleagues (promoters and club owners). I hope I can also count on your valuable support.

Interested in helping Terrence Parker out? Click here.

Here’s his promo mix for the 2013 Detroit Movement Festival:


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