2014 ProTip #36: Learn How to Edit Video

So you’ve bought a handheld camera or you’re thinking about it (GoPro, Sony Action Cam) to record all of those festival experiences but do you know what to do with the video afterwards? Or are you going to let all of those recordings just sit on a memory card like the hundreds of pictures and horrible sounding videos that are sitting on your phone? ProTip: Make use of it! Learn how to edit video if you plan to try to record otherwise save the space on your phone and save some money by not buying an expensive handheld like a GoPro. In case you missed it, in 2013 Insomniac changed the guidelines to allow small handheld cameras.

For those who already know how to do this, pass this on to that friend who thinks that they are going to create the next unofficial after movie that will have a million views.

Editing video doesn’t mean creating stunning graphics, it just means taking all of the footage you record and putting together the best pieces or cutting out the garbage. No one wants to watch 60 seconds of you walking through a hallway of your hotel or three minutes of the camera pointed towards the ground as you walk from stage to stage. Take the time to cut all of that out before sharing.

There’s a lot of programs out there but the two easiest ones would be Windows Movie Maker and iMac. They are both free programs that make it easy to cut, copy, paste, move clips around, mute sound, add sound and save it all into one file. Just do a Google search for either program and you’ll find an unlimited amount of tutorials on how to use them.

We all record video for various reasons whether it’s to put together to share with the world or to save for your own personal memories. The point of this protip is that unless you know how to edit the video and do something with it you’re just wasting your own time and hard drive space. Are you really ever going to watch a video of you bouncing around with horrible sound when there’s 57 other videos on YouTube with the same footage but a much better quality? Probably not. You’re going to end up deleting it the next time your memory fills up and you can’t take any more pictures.

A protip a day every day, #1 will be the day we walk into EDC Las Vegas 2014!


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