Documentary: Joseph Capriati Presents Autoritratto

Anyone who’s a fan of techno is familiar with the Italian producer and DJ that goes by the name Joseph Capriati and if you aren’t, take the time to watch the video and get to know him and his music, you may enjoy it. Capriati is unlike a lot of other techno DJs while he’s performing, he’s more energetic and interactive with the crowd when compared to many of his peers which is contagious and brings out more energy on the dance floor.

Capriati started as a producer in 2007 and through talent, passion and hard work he has elevated himself to one most respected names in the world of techno.

Capriati will take you on an adventure during his sets and if you decide to drive while listening I’d suggest using cruise control, the music will get you fired up and wanting to press down on the gas pedal. After the video we’ve linked two sets we recommend if you’re unfamiliar with him.

About the documentary:

Filmed on location in Joseph Capriati’s hometown of Caserta, Napoli during February 2013, ‘Autoritratto’ (translated from Italian as ‘Self Portrait’) tells the story of Capriati’s rise to prominence and provides a unique insight into his personal life, all set against the backdrop of his now legendary 12-hour marathon set at Metropolis.

Exploring the background and influences of the Italian Techno maestro with the help of his family, close friends and the music industry personalities that have been instrumental in shaping Capriati’s career to date, the film charts Joseph’s history from his first DJ gigs through to becoming a principle player within the Techno scene.

Containing interviews with the artists and promoters closest to Capriati, plus exclusive footage from his unforgettable performance at Metropolis, ‘Autoritratto’ features a soundtrack made up of many of Joseph’s most memorable productions alongside music from his ‘Self Portrait’ for Drumcode.

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Direct SoundCloud link

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