2014 ProTip #26: Choosing Festival Meet Up Spots

Over the last few year one of the biggest questions I have been asked is, “What are the best meet up spots inside the festival if you break away from your group?” The easiest way to pick your meet up spot is to find something stationary and agree on a time.

Countless amounts of people last year choose the giant daisy as the meet point for groups that split up for different sets. While this seems like a great idea festival goers seem to forget that the daisy is not a stationary object, but travels around the festival. Many EDC Las Vegas art installations and visuals are mobile and change spots quite frequently, so take that into mind.

Below are examples of mobile items at the festival grounds that may be standing still when you choose them as your meet up point, but are gone as fast as a pastie in a wind storm.





Another issue was headliners picking stages as meet up points early in the day. At 6 pm the front left of Kinetic Field sounds like a great spot, but remember at 11 pm when there are 40,000+ people in one area it gets a little tricky to decipher your friends from the sea of costumes, glowing items and dancers! After attending EDC Las Vegas numerous times I personally have found that places outside of the mayhem tend to work best. When scouting for a spot remember to check if your choice is on wheels. I have seen a lot of installations that you wouldn’t think to be mobile and they are very mobile.

Below are some spots throughout the last few years that served quite well as meetup areas:





With all of this said, timing is everything. If all of your group is not in the same spot at the time agreed too, you may not see them until the next morning. EDC Las Vegas is full of fun-loving people and some great characters. If for some reason you get separated and end up by yourself, there are more than enough smiling faces that will invite you into their group to dance the night away.

If you have anymore questions or just want some more info on EDC Las Vegas, visited any of the listed links below.



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