EDC Las Vegas 2014 Construction Begins

There’s less than three weeks until Electric Daisy Carnival kicks off in Las Vegas for the 2014 edition and that means workers have started arriving at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to begin construction for the massive festival. Don’t worry Insomniac, we remember our chat last year and will not be spoiling any surprises.  We will not be spoiling any surprises we hear of or any pictures of anything in detail unless they are directly from Insomniac or Pasquale Rotella!

So, what’s in store for stage design and production?

We have no idea what’s in store for the owl next but we hope to see it somewhere again in Las Vegas after it made appearances in Mexico and New York.

AG Picture Owl EDC New York 2014

Expect a new main stage design, likely not the same owl as the center piece. Beyond Wonderland 2013 might give us an idea of the direction Insomniac will continue to go in with some characters and depth to the stage.

Beyond Wonderland 2013 Stage

The only other stage known is Circuit Grounds and that it will be bigger than ever thanks to information in the EDCLV 2014 ticket packages.

Chances are Insomniac or AG will share something in the weeks ahead to build some more excitement but we’ll have to wait until we walk into the Speedway for the first time on June 20, 2014 to really know.

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 6 Circuit Grounds


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