2014 ProTip #19: Your Hotel Room Needs Cold Drinks

You’re traveling to a hotel room for anywhere from three to seven days, have you thought about how to keep your water cold? What about your beer? Chances are that your hotel room does not come equipped with a fridge and the standard ice bucket isn’t big enough to keep a six-pack cold for very long. It’s Las Vegas, you’ll want more than a cold six-pack in your room especially if there’s more than a couple of people.

The solution is easy, a collapsible cooler.

It’ll be refreshing having more than a few cold drinks in your room. It’ll be great to have more than a half bucket of melted ice for drinks and it’ll save you money so you don’t have to visit a CVS or Walgreens in Vegas to buy a cooler.

The remaining challenge for a cooler will be finding an ice machine that the rest of the hotel hasn’t already emptied but one you’ve stocked your cooler up with ice and filled it with drinks they’ll stay colder longer than anywhere else you can keep them in your room.

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