2014 ProTip #15 – Be Smart at the Festival

While we are all going to EDC Las Vegas to have fun and forget about reality, there will always be some that over do it. Whether it be a friend or a stranger, if you see someone in need of help alert a staff member.

Below is some information that insomniac has provided to help keep us all healthy and happy during EDC!

– Come prepared for all types of weather, and dress for comfort. Wear clothes that are comfortable, lightweight and breathable; avoid heavy fabrics and faux furs. Comfortable sneakers are the best way to go! Sandals and flip-flops can make for sore feet.

It might sound elementary, but having your friend’s back is anything but childish. It’s easy to get separated at such a huge festival. Know where your friends are, set up meeting points, and stick together—two or three brains are better than one! If you think a new or old friend needs help, ask our friendly staff to assist.

The venue features a state-of-the-art medical facility—as well as first-aid tents conveniently located throughout—where you’ll find our teams of talented doctors, nurses, paramedics and EMTs ready to care for your every need, free of charge! If you’re lightheaded, nauseated, or have too many blisters from dancing the night away, please visit our friendly medical staff, or ask an Insomniac team member for assistance. If you happen to see Insomniac Health & Safety Team officers roaming through the venue, give them a high-five! These heroic people stay on their feet for the entirety of every event to keep a watchful, caring eye on YOU—the Headliner! And if either you or a friend has a medical concern, don’t hesitate to flag one of us down.

Ground Control is dedicated to helping Headliners stay happy, healthy and hydrated during EDC. Our family of Ground Control team members will be rocking their signature purple shirts, fanny packs and light sabers as they make their way through all areas of the festival. Please approach a Ground Control team member if you want assistance or simply need a friend! We strongly believe in the beauty and power of helping others, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a safe, memorable experience.

EDC is already an amazing adventure; you don’t need to consume excessive amounts of alcohol to have a good time. If you’re under 21, you can’t drink—period. If you’re of legal age, be smart about how much you consume. More booze does not equal more fun, and alcohol is not a beverage to cool off or rehydrate with. It’s important to remember that your body weight and height will factor into how much alcohol is safe to consume. Simply put, we want each hour you spend at EDC to be a happy and healthy one. Besides, no one likes taking care of wasted friends.

• Drunk people should not be responsible for other drunk people.
• Binge drinking is the most dangerous kind there is—the faster you drink, the higher your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) becomes.
• Strong coffee, a cold shower, sleeping, or walking it off will not help someone suffering from alcohol poisoning.
• DO try to keep intoxicated people awake and in an upright/sitting position—not lying down.

• Slow or irregular breathing (fewer than eight breaths per minute or 10+ seconds between breaths)
• Confusion, stupor (unresponsive but conscious), coma, or inability to be roused
• Vomiting
• Seizures
• Hypothermia (low body temperature)
• Pale skin color or bluish tinge

Be sure to use the above tips to make your experience the best it can be. See you all at EDC Las Vegas 2014! For more info including the above please visit www.insomniac.com


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