2014 ProTip #17: A Festival Hotel Room Needs Air Fresheners

There’s some topics that just don’t get talked about but should and this one is the stink. It’ll happen and you’ll need air fresheners. You’ll be in a hotel room for at least three nights and four days if not much longer with a number of people in a hotel room and for three of those nights you’ll be out all night at a music festival. What happens after that? Everyone is sweaty and stinky and there’ll be a smell.

There’ll be stinky sneakers. Stinky socks. Stinky feet.

You may have a non smoking room but chances are the people before you smoked. For those who have smoking rooms that smoke and scent will cling to everything and you’ll smell like a chimney.

Housekeeping has probably cleaned the room as well and sprayed the generic casino air freshener giving the room a scent you may not be familiar with that could be uncomfortable.

And of course people have to eventually poop. Even girls. They’ll deny it but they’ll have to do it.

You’ve bought festival tickets, plane tickets, shuttle passes, outfits, totems and many more things so don’t forget the fresh scents. Pack some air fresheners for your room or remember to buy some when you visit the store for water, booze and snacks.

You could always force someone down to the lobby when they have to drop a deuce but that’s a lot of work. The solution is simple. Flush often and spray some air freshener!

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