Kastra Invades Pensacola

Recently I had the opportunity to DJ and also cover a Kastra show that took place at Capt’n Fun Beach Club in Pensacola, FL. This show turned out to be a huge success and was one of the most fun shows that I have ever been a part of. It was a great combination of local talent, lasers, lights, sounds and the most important piece, Kastra!

Supporting DJs for the night included Kam Sator (myself), xKILLAxCAMx, Tony C, Just Rich and Zombie J. With such a large spectrum of music ranging anywhere from house and electro to dub to close out the night. no matter what genre of EDM was your favorite you most likely heard it. Each supporting act had about an hour and really helped build the momentum leading into Kastra’s extended set.

Before taking the stage I had the opportunity to spend about 30 minutes with Kastra. What was intended to be an interview turned out to be more like a conversation between friends. Ray Decker aka Kastra is truly one of the most open and friendly DJs I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with.

We started off by discussing music. Ray is very open-minded to different styles but stated, “I love genres like tech house. Its more than just playing from drop to drop, but at the same time I love playing shows like this one that is super high energy and a great crowd.” Ray and I then started discussing music types a little more. It was really awesome that he was just as interested in my thoughts and view on genres as I was to his favorites. He loves to play Melbourne at shows, stating “It really keeps the momentum going and just a real fun style to drop. The crowd really enjoys it.”

This was the third time that Kastra has played Capt’n Fun in Pensacola FL. He stated, ”I’ve been to this venue a few times but it was always during the colder months. I love how it has a big open air feel tonight with everything open. Even though its humid I love the atmosphere it’s creating.” The night of this show it was about 85 degrees outside and humid. Got to love that Florida weather!


After sitting together for about 20 minutes and having a great conversation and a couple cocktails it was time for the headliner to hit the stage. All I can say is wow! Kastra’s stage presence is amazing you can really watch the transformation from the Ray to Kastra. Energy is an understatement, you cannot help but to focus all you have to the amazing sounds he blasts out of the speakers. He seamlessly transitions from track to track almost if the CDJs were plugged directly into his veins. From the first time he hit the play button to the final big drop there was a smile plastered on Kastra’s face. and just watching the man in action makes you happy as well. That night he did a 90 minute set which was amazing but a tease at the same time. If you get the chance to see him live please do your self a favor and go have one of the best nights of your life!

From all of the supporting DJs to the headliner, the music and talent was amazing. Such a great venue to work with and well put together show by Nite Brite. I strongly recommend checking out any Nite Brite show if you visit the Pensacola area. I can’t wait until the next time I get to play along side Kastra and who knows maybe a b2b is in the future.














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