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Oct 27, 2014

EDC Orlando Has Gone Cashless

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Written by: Tory Clinton

Insomniac has made some great strides during the last year with all of their shows especially EDC, so why not go cashless. This will allow headliners to seamlessly go about their festival activities without the worry of keeping money in their pockets. Check out what Insomniac had to say!

The future is now, Headliners. This year, EDC Orlando is incorporating a cashless payment system that will allow you to purchase food, drinks, merchandise, locker access, and everything else at the event with a simple tap of your RFID-equipped wristband. That means faster service and shorter lines, which gets you back out on the dancefloor quicker! We are super stoked to bring this technology to our festival, and we have worked very hard to make sure the process is convenient, easy to understand, and most of all, a positive addition to the Insomniac experience.

Daisy Dollars are the official monetary system of EDC Orlando and the currency you’ll use to pay for everything at the festival. Before arriving at EDC Orlando, activate your wristband online. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account and add funds. Your account links with the RFID chip in your wristband to make purchases at the festival as simple as a swipe. And you can log on any time to track your spending, download receipts, deactivate lost wristbands, apply for a refund, and much more. Daisy Dollars can also be added to your account at the event. We call it “topping up,” and stations will be located throughout the festival grounds to help process these transactions.

Don’t worry if you don’t spend all the money you add. At the end of the festival, you will be automatically refunded anything leftover—minus a refund transaction fee of $4.50, which we have strived to keep lower than other festivals.

Pro tip: Load $100 onto your wristband before November 6, and we’ll add 10 free Daisy Dollars to your account! (Complimentary Daisy Dollars are not eligible for refund after the festival.)

If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, expedited shipping will be available until October 29. Starting on October 24, you’ll also have the option to select will-call pickup; but note that this may increase your wait time entering the festival, so getting your wristband ahead of time is encouraged! If you’ve ordered yours but you’re still waiting to receive it, feel free to go ahead and create your account online. After you get your wristband, you can link it to your account and top-up.

Take care of your wristband once you have it! It will not be replaced if lost or stolen, and it will be void if tampered with or removed. Keep it somewhere safe until it’s time to put it on. When you’re ready to enter EDC for the weekend, insert your hand through the band and position it comfortably on your right wrist. We recommend you leave roughly enough space to fit a finger beneath the band. Slowly pull the cloth through the wristband’s lock, ensuring that it’s securely fastened. Remember: There are absolutely no ins-and-outs, and each wristband can be scanned into the event only once per day.

We want to make this a great experience for everyone involved, so don’t hesitate to tweet your questions using the hashtag #EDCRFID or send an email to info@insomniac.com You can also watch this video tutorial to learn all about RFID wristband do’s and don’ts, and visit our wristband faq page to learn more about how the cashless system works.

See you in Orlando!

Take a look at the official Insomniac website for more info, http://bit.ly/1wCLajG.

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