Audien Takes Over Atlanta

On Friday December 12th, I traveled to Atlanta for the Audien show at my home away from home, Opera Nightclub. This show was put on by our good friends at Liquified and once again turned out to be an amazing event.

The night started off with Stellar Shores. This guy was great at keeping the crowd where they needed to be. His set included trap, deep house, house and electro which appealed to every person in the room in some way. Stellar Shores is a very fun DJ to watch. His focus, attention and playfulness to the crowd really made this guy stand out compared to some of the other openers I’ve seen at this club.




After a great opening set it was time for the main attraction of the night, Audien! I have to say, his stage presence is great. A perfect combination of focus and crowd play. Audien played a variety of electro, progressive trance and even threw in some really great drum and bass remixes. The set really had a great flow. A good portion was really quite hard-hitting and the crowd was soaking it up. Basically from the beginning to the end the crowd was wild and the vibe was amazing. Some of my favorite moments during his set is when the C02 cannons blast the crowd in the lower bowl at Opera emitting a bone chilling sound along with a refreshing temperature drop. Through out all of this he kept a joyful smirk on his face knowing he was the conductor and could move everyone any way he chose. The drum and bass tracks is what really got me! It really was surprising and quite refreshing to hear. Overall I would say that Audien had a very strong set and after hearing his TomorrowWorld set live then this show, Audien has definitely has won me over.

Check out this video from in the booth with Audien and some photos to give you an idea of this amazing venue and the great show always put on by Liquified.










IMG_7141IMG_7139 (1) IMG_7036IMG_7102

I also had the pleasure of working with one of Liquified team member, Traci Yoshimura. It’s always refreshing to work with someone who has a passion for the music, scene and business aspect of the EDM World. This is one thing that I love about working with every member of Liquified. I look forward to working with her more and more in the future. If you’re at a Liquified event and spot her, be sure to thank her for all of her hard work.



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