EDC Product Review: Flipbelt

Over the years I have seen fellow ravers partake in some odd things. One of those things is leaving their belongings and valuables either unattended, in a bag that can be easily slashed or stolen, or left in their easily accessed pockets. Girls might have a fanny pack but more often than not someone is holding onto their belongings as well.

I have heard horror stories of people losing their wallets and money on day one of a three-day long festival, effectively sidelining them and ruining their experience for the rest of the weekend. Phones get stolen or dropped, cameras get pickpocketed, and wallets left at the bar. All of these things happen and while some of them expose the darker side of the festivals we all know and love, they are all preventable.


One rule I follow pretty strongly is to carry backup identification at the hotel, to leave some cash and a credit card in the room, and make sure I’m not carrying anything valuable into the festival. I personally never let my CamelBak out of my sight, but sometimes there are festivals that don’t allow bag in, what do I do then?

I have looked all over in search of something that wasn’t tacky looking and also would be able to hold my phone, ID, hotel key, and some money. That is when I found Flipbelt, which has answered my needs for a product that isn’t as bulky as a fanny pack but still continues to keep my valuables safe and on my body.


Flipbelt even has a new daisy print for the rave babes who are going to EDC! You can use coupon code “FlipEDM” for a 10% discount on your purchase. Make sure to order now before EDC is here!

If you are a festival veteran like me and enjoy traveling light, this could be a great option for you. Get yours today HERE!

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