What To Bring To Summer Set Music Festival 2015!

Not sure what to bring with you to Summer Set Music Festival? Unlike many of the people who are attending, I will not be camping at the festival. I have compiled a list of my “festival necessities” that fit inside my bag (or on my body) that I bring in for the day. Make sure to not leave the house without these items!

  1. Festival Wristband – Seems self-explanatory, but you never know. It’s REALLY hard to lose your ticket when it is a wristband, but make sure it’s on before you head out to the festival!
  2. Identification Card – You should always carry this with you anyways but if you want to drink you’ll definitely need this!
  3. Cellphone – Okay this isn’t a necessity if you are camping, but it is if you want to meet up with friends! I also use mine to take photos at events.
  4. Sealed Lip Balm – My lips always get chapped at festivals, so I use this to keep them tip-top. Also make sure it is sealed or else security will not let you bring it in.
  5. CamelBak Hydration Pack or Reusable Water Bottle – Water is your BEST FRIEND and your lifeblood, stay hydrated or run the risk of not being able to dance the night away. There is really no excuse to not stay hydrated as they will be providing a ton of water!
  6. Tissues/Toilet Paper – Let’s be honest, during some point in the night toilet paper is going to run out and you are going to be SOL. Even if you don’t use it, you can be a lifesaver for some rave babe!
  7. Earplugs – ALWAYS wear earplugs at events. I prefer etymonics or earasers, you will thank me later. I CAN NOT STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS ENOUGH.
  8. Comfy Shoes – Always choose comfort over style when it comes to shoes, your feet will thank you later. Endurance, endurance, endurance.
  9. Cash – Cash is king. Not every vendor will accept credit cards, and don’t ever trust that the network will be working all the time. If you want something quickly, pay in cash!
  10. Fanny Pack/Cinch Bag – I rarely trust my own pockets anymore. If you don’t plan on bringing a CamelBak, then bring one of these. Everything goes inside that I’ve listed here and you won’t lose things like your phone or wallet!
  11. Sealed Gum – You will never impress anyone if your breath reeks of the garlic fries you just ate.
  12. Lighter – Lighters are not only useful, but a great icebreaker at any festival!
  13. Bandana – Keep the dust out of your mouth and keep your head cool during the day!
  14. Positive Attitude – Leave the negativity at the door, come to the festival with a positive outlook and carefree demeanor.
  15. Sunglasses – A good portion of this festival is during the day and I much prefer to see the world through my sunglasses than squinting all the time.
  16. Sunscreen – Last year was really warm, while overcast. That didn’t stop me from getting a bit burnt. Always apply sunscreen if you’re going to a daytime festival!


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