Camping Essentials For Nocturnal Wonderland

One diamond in the rough is the camping option at San Manuel Amphitheater. I have camped at this venue before and always have a great time inside the grounds. Camping to me means no traffic, no parking issues, and being able to come in and out of the festival as I please. A short stroll to your camping spot and the luxury of having your vehicle within reach if needed is a blessing to me. Insomniac has done well in making the camping experience enjoyable by including a water slide, hot showers, plenty of porta-potties, and after the main event is over the silent disco goes until late in the night. Of course there are also great people, especially the ones who always brings the after party to the next level from dusk till dawn.


For the 20th anniversary celebration they have expanded the camping options to include luxury type tents with air mattress, regular car camping, RV camping, and tent camping. I’m not much for camping in general but I have been to all of the Insomniac camping events here and never regret it. I personally will be at the campgrounds all four days this year.

Here is a basic list of my recommended gear to bring:
  1. Solar powered anything. I have a solar-powered battery charger and lantern. They have cell phone charging blocks but it gets busy and who wants to sit and wait.
  2. Easy pop-up tent. I have an eight person tent for just myself. Always double up on size when picking a tent. Example: 4 people total? Get an eight person tent unless you want a hardcore cuddle puddle.
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Two towels
  5. Shower shoes
  6. Shampoo and Conditioner
  7. Body wash
  8. One case of water for everyday and night you are going to be there. Free water is available but I prefer to have it on hand at the campsite.
  9. If you’re a drinker, the maximum allowed per person of your drinks of choice
  10. If you’re coming in more than one car, come together so you’re guaranteed to be neighbors
  11. Don’t settle for the first spot they point you to. Ask for something close to the general store or closest to the event entrance and it usually works out.
  12. Two sets of comfortable shoes
  13. Dust Mask and multiple bandanas
  14. Junk food and non-perishable food to snack on before or after the event
  15. Sunscreen and chapstick
  16. Comfortable clothes as it gets hot during the daytime and humid at night
  17. Folding fan to keep cool and the dust at bay
  18. Cash because the ATM definitely isn’t cheap and doesn’t always work
  19. Insomniac water bottle or CamelBak for the festival hours
  20. Good vibes, an open mind, and your ticket and camping pass (duh)


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