TomorrowWorld 2015: A Journey Into Uncharted Festival Territory

With all of my years of attending music festivals, I have yet to journey into a beast like TomorrowWorld. Compared to some of the other festivals I’ve been to, TomorrowWorld looks more like a secluded Neverland that’s filled with a vast sea of electronic music lovers from all walks of life. I am excited, and honestly, scared for the rapidly approaching day where I journey through the reality induced barrier and into the unknown land of DreamVille.

Through all my research of TomorrowWorld, which consisted of YouTube videos and personal experiences of my friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really know what to expect. Before I actually looked into TW, I thought I had a solid idea of what I was getting myself into. But as I indulged deep into countless personal videos of those who have gone and had conversations with my overly excited friends, those expectations turned out to be self-imposed lies of comfort of a proud man who has been to many festivals before.

Besides the normal festival stuff (like seeing a DJ or dancing or making new friends), my list of expectations are quiet limited. However, I will say that there are many foreign things that I am looking forward to experience for the first time. Here are five big ones that I can think of now.

  1. Camping at a festival!: From what I can tell, you’re literally living with a group of strangers for four days. It’s insane if you think about it. It will be nice to not have to trek to a hotel like zombies afterwards, and build this sense of community with fellow friends and party goers. I believe I have over 40 of my friends going. Though, I’m worried of theft and unsatisfactory neighborly relationships with people at DreamVille. But hey, I guess that comes with the whole “camping festival” experience. I’m just going to be nice as possible and hope that nothing gets stolen.
  2. The Dreamville Activities. While attending EDC, there were plenty of Insomniac sponsored activities. Of course I hardly did a fraction of them because I was preoccupied with seeing DJs. But since I will be camping, I will have more times to do things with other DreamVille community members. The activities include yoga, speed dating, workouts, dance offs, ETC. At this point, I’m desperate enough to check out festival speed dating. Seems like a good time, I suppose (LOL).
  3. Forming New Friends: I know that this doesn’t seem exclusive to a TW experience, but after viewing the trailer and after movie for 2014, there seems to be just something special about the people in attendance. It could be the sense of community that DreamVille encourages, but people just seem genuinely happy. Or it could be just what the production company at ID&T want to emulate. But I’m sure some folks had a bad time as well. I wonder if the bonds that I will form at TW will be different from other bonds I’ve formed at different festivals. I guess only time will tell.
  4. The Different Style of People: Since this festival is in the middle of nowhere and not in a big city, the majority of the attendees seems to be more in the festive spirit. In the after-movie, more people looked dressed up in costumes and many different groups have coordinating themes. Bros and douchebags aside, I would like to see if TW promotes more of a festive feel over the music festival dark side, which is plagued with meanies.
  5. Partying in Atlanta: The only music festivals I have been to were in big cities and not in a forest and lake area. Plus, I’ve never traveled much in the Southeastern side of America. Partying in a different environment seems strangely exciting to me: the different weather, the bigger pool of people from around the nation and the idea of being transported to a different place. It’s going to be nice to not be near a city, or the rest of the world; a little getaway, I suppose.

From the laundry list of advice that I’ve received, the one that resonates most with me the most is from my friend, Brando. He told me to just take it all in; everyone is there to have fun, grow as people and to marvel at the environment while making new friends before returning to reality. With all my mental and physical preparation, I know that my journey into TomorrowWorld will take me by surprise and sweep me off my feet. I’m excited to experience new things with friends new and old . . . or not, I could just have a horrible time. But lets focus on the positive for now (;P).

Here’s to wishing for a magical time, Sype.


Photo Credit: TomorrowWorld


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