Review: Borgore in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to visit, so when I gained all access to Republic to see Borgore it was a no brainer. This was one of the first times that I had attended a show at this beautiful venue, Republic. Republic is a two-story space with a thunderous sound system and very rustic feel. The whole space has older style exposed wood that has a very dark feel to it which is perfect for the setting. In the center of the club there is a giant chandelier that hangs down which naturally draws your attention toward the from where the artist are behind the CDJs.

Borgore was accompanied by some amazing talent that night including KTRL, Bad Royale and Styles & Complete. Each one of the supporting acts did a phenomenal job building the crowd toward Borgore. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin of Bad Royale for a while before the show and he is an amazing person. We got to chat for a while over a been at a nearby bar and by the end of our conversation it felt like I had known him for years. If you get a chance to meet him don’t pass it up. He is a one of a kind guy and makes you feel like part of the group. Before long it was time for the man himself, Borgore to hit the stage.

Borgore really puts on hell of a show. His music selection was on point that night. With a great mix of bass music, electro and even some classic big room/electro tracks. The crowd was jumping from start to finish! About half way through his show they began bringing up some girls from the crowd on stage to dance and before long the front of the stage was packed with dancers. Borgore had almost a laughing smirk on his face as he looked out and saw the stage was packed of pretty girls dancing to his beats. Once he was about 25% through his set the afterburners were turned on and the heaters started blaring out through the sound system. From that point on it almost felt like a different venue as the energy level doubled. This was my first time seeing Borgore live and I have to say I was impressed with his focus while on stage even with it filled with women. The track choices were perfect and everything went smoothly.

Toward the end of his set I went backstage to end the night. Got to meet up with Kevin again from Bad Royale and talk a bit more which was great. Nothing but laughs and fun with him. When Borgore entered the green room we got to chat for a minute and he really is a great guy. We talked about his set for a minute and then about NOLA before he took a seat and relaxed. This whole experience was great and I enjoyed the venue and the hospitality provided by the venue, Borgore and his group, Kevin from Bad Royale and Adrian form R3GAL Agency. I cannot wait to return to Republic!

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