Escape Psycho Circus 2015: The Essentials | Set Times, Map and More

Finally the day is upon us, the doors to Escape Psycho Circus will be open later today. Below is the essential information that you’ll need for this weekend’s Halloween festivities!


Set Times

The set times came out on Thursday, a little later than usual. Some are speculating that there was a delay since DJ Snake will not be able to make his set, so they replaced him at the last-minute with Porter Robinson.



Escape Essentials and Map

  • Festival hours are 4pm–2am on Friday and Saturday.
  • Will call will be open from 1pm–1am daily.
  • Bring your ticket and a government-issued ID that contains your picture and birthday.
  • Security will accept expired ID cards ONLY if with DMV renewal doc.
  • Re-entry is not allowed. No ins-and-outs.
  • Battery charging stations and water refill stations will be provided (see map below).
  • ATMs, 21+ bars, food, beverage, and a general store will be on festival grounds (see map below).

Escape 2015 Festival Map


The weather is perfect today in San Bernardino, it’s warm and sunny! Though the temperatures will drop significantly at night, so it might be a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt along with you. If you rented a locker then you can stow you and your friends extra clothes in there until they are needed much later at night.

Escape 2015 Weather

Mobile App

Download the Insomniac mobile app which has the full line to help you plan your schedule, register your wristband, or use the map to locate stages, food, attractions and more.

Escape 2015 App

Transportation and Parking

  • Take the shuttle. The official Insomniac shuttle service departs from hotels in Ontario, but you don’t have to be staying at any of them to use the shuttle service. Buy a shuttle pass here..
  • Carpool or Uber/Lyft instead of driving and skip the hassle of traffic and parking.
  • There is a designated area at the venue for drop off, ubers, and taxis.
  • Remember where you parked! Make note of the lot signs or take a picture of your location.

If you’re going to drive here are some additional tips from Insomniac:

  • Beware of heavy traffic on I-10; use freeways I-210 & CA-60 instead. 
  • Use freeway exits for Mill St., 2nd St., 5th St. and Waterman Ave., and follow traffic guides into official Escape parking lots.
  • Parking Lots A & B will fill up quickly, so if you’re arriving later, it’s best to use the 2nd St. and 5th St. exits or Waterman Ave. to 2nd St. to bypass traffic on I-215.
  • There may be road closures, so please pay attention to our traffic controllers when entering and exiting the festival.
  • Be sure to park only in Official Escape: Psycho Circus parking lots. 
  • The Carousel lot has a continuous shuttle service that will transport you to and from the main festival entrance during and after the event.
  • Any vehicles parked illegally, blocking intersections, or in unauthorized local business lots are subject to possible tow.

Escape 2015 Map


Insomniac has some great new merchandise for Escape this year. It won’t last long so make sure to stop by the merchandise booth on your way into the festival on Friday.

Escape 2015 Merch

Acceptable and Prohibited Items

Read this list carefully so that you are not sent back to your car to stow any prohibited items.

Insomniac Acceptable Items Insomniac Prohibited Items


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