Jan 19, 2016

Review: Niko Zografos – Revelation (FSOE)

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Written by: Airec Syprasert

2016 is a bright year for trance music in the city of San Francisco as it just hosted the second Dreamstate, a two-day festival that only has trance DJs on the lineup. The new trance year is also bright for local DJ, and head of the Phoria promotion group, Niko Zografos. Already showing that he has the ability to bring world-class performers to the stage at his home club Ruby Skye, Mr. Phoria is also turning a few heads with his productions. After releasing his collaboration, “Phoria”, with Mitka last year -which was remixed by French DJ Ferry Tayle- Zografos makes another blip on the trance radar with a solo release on Aly & Fila’s label, Future Sounds of Egypt, titled “Revelation”.

The track starts off with a kick drum that progressively builds up to an aggressive rhythm as an electronic synth pulses in the background. As the track continues, the percussion intensifies with sharp taps and stronger kick drums. A reverberating electro synth soon emerges with an encompassing psychedelic melody, encased by a stirring vocal, that echoes in the background. Then, a washout breakdown sweeps in to unwind the combination of electronic pads and drums, creating a surrounding sound. The light chords, which was teasing the main melody in the beginning, starts to escalate and take control of the track. A pounding percussion returns to the symphony to add ferocity to the drop. The climax of “Revelation” is something of divine intervention; the elegant piano strokes in addition to the looping pads produce a majestic melody, while the paralleling percussion and driving hard synths gives this track the right to carry on the Future Sound of Egypt’s mantel. Zografos’ track is a perfect balance of euphoric beauty and powerful beats. Its warm hymn surrounds us, engulfs us, filling the gaps between trance fans to connect us all. Once the rapture of Zografos’ track has been made to light, a pulsing kick drum and dwindling snares enters the harmony to lead us back down to Earth after our unified revelation.

Zografos first premiered his new track at FSOE 400 in San Jose as an ID-ID and it has been catching fire ever since. It has already been supported by Sean Tyas, Indecent Noise, MIKE Push and, of course, Aly & Fila. This is just the short list. With the track breaching Beatport’s Top 10 and currently sitting at the #7 spot, rising from #51 after its initial debut, the post success of “Revelation” will reach divine heights for Zografos. With such talents surrounding him and his continuous drive for success and passion for trance music, we should be prepared for more great things from this young DJ from the current “IT” city on the Bay.

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Airec Syprasert
Airec Syprasert is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in English, Creative Writing and dabbled a little bit in journalism. Originally from the small town Visalia, he now lives in San Francisco. Airec has a vast taste for music, literature, and various forms of comedy. Since graduating, Airec shares a piece of his humor with his two blogs and Another blog that he writes for is for Phoria Events, reviewing trance music. Aside from writing, Airec enjoys going to live music shows of all types and tries to attend as many festivals as he can.



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