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ProTip #37: Rent a Locker With Friends

You’re going to a three night festival with 130,000 people and you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around with you, so what do you do with it? Rent a locker! The lockers are only $75 for three nights and can easi...
by Keith Wozniak


Reserve a Locker at EDC Las Vegas before Price Increases

If you haven’t purchased a locker yet for EDC Las Vegas 2014 what are you waiting for? According to the Mobile Charging Lockers’ website there is a limited quantity of $75 lockers available. We recommend reserving a...
by Suzanne Welker Jurgens


EDC Vegas ProTip #55 Four Reasons to Rent a Locker

This may be something that really hasn’t crossed your mind but I found great benefits in renting a locker at Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 and will do so again this year. They’re only $50 for three nights and offer s...
by Keith Wozniak