EDC Vegas ProTip #82 Don’t Forget Chap Stick

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Las Vegas is less than three months away so it’s time to start providing some pro tips so that you have the best festival experience!  I’ll provide a pro tip a day every day with the last one being on June 21, 2013 the first day of the festival.

ProTip #82 Don’t Forget Chap Stick

That’s right, chap stick.  I laughed at this idea in the past as well but it’s a necessity.  Your lips will become chapped from the dry desert heat and even the mildest cases of dehydration.  Insomniac offers free water throughout the festival but chances are you won’t drink as much as you should and you’ll also be licking your lips.  Combine those things with the dry heat and you’ll be happy that you brought some chap stick.

When you enter the gates you have to make sure that it is sealed in it’s package or else they will make you toss it in the garbage.  As you’re preparing for the trip make sure to buy three new packages, one for each night.  Assuming they’ll be selling lockers again the easiest thing to do is buy a three pack for the first night and leave it in a locker rental so you won’t forget the following two nights.

I laughed at this last year but was happy I followed the advice of others and brought some chap stick, it kept my lips from cracking like they do in the coldest days of winter.


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