Storm Chaser by Cosmic Gate Named After the EDC 2012 Wind Storm

The wind storm that shut down Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 is something that no one will ever forget if you were there. Saturday night was just about to kick into high gear and put the second night to the next level. And then the wind picked up and started moving everything. Speakers were swaying every which way. Light poles were getting knocked over. And then the announcement was made at every stage that the festival was shutting down for at least an hour but we all knew it was over for the night.

Cosmic Gate was working on a new track at the time that needed a name and this is the final product. The track is called “Storm Chaser” and will be released Monday May 13, 2013 exclusively on Beatport. It was also the Global Gathering 2012 theme. You’ve heard it before but if you never knew where the name came from you do now.

The track has a great build in the first minute and starts to add layers from there with the bass line progressing throughout. Cosmic Gate made a great tune here that all of us have likely heard on a dance floor at some point without knowing the name.

Cosmic Gate will be at Electric Daisy Carnival 2013.

Remixes will be avialable from KhoMha, Artento Divini and Mark Eteson.


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