Not everyone raving about electronic music festival

This article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune covers everything from the economic impacts, CDC reports of safety concerns, drug concerns and job creations. Chances are you a pro-rave if you’re reading this site but this is a new type of festival for Chicago focusing just on electronic music. They’ve hosted Lollapalooza and we all know that event was nowhere near full of sober party goers.

Stay safe Chicago ravers and behave yourselves so there’ll be more in the future!

Here’s a snippet from the article:

A communications firm representing Insomniac did not respond to requests for comment on the Los Angeles Times’ findings on drug-related problems. In interviews with the Tribune earlier this year, Rotella said electronic dance music is unfairly singled out.

“There are big events in this country, this world, whether it’s a marathon or a rock festival, and they all have safety issues,” he said. “People who think dance music is unique to these problems are not with the times and are misinformed 100 percent.”

Joliet police said Insomniac is paying for undercover officers, who will work to prevent attendees from bringing drugs into the concert. Chief Mike Trafton expressed confidence that the city can handle the event and will benefit as a result.

“It’s great for a city like Joliet, all the added tax revenue for restaurants and everything else,” Trafton said. “It’s good for the city in terms of economics, and the same for our guys. They’re (Insomniac) paying a good wage.”

Read the whole story here. Requires free registration to read.


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