Go Down the EDC YouTube Rabbit Hole

Going down the rabbit hole is a very popular term with obvious meanings behind it. Chances are you dream of going to Electric Daisy Carnival almost every night. You daydream about it at work. In the car. Everywhere!

If you haven’t already and you have a lot of time to kill it’s time to go to YouTube and start watching videos which will lead you to more videos and more videos. I’ll start you off with some and at the end there’ll be a link to a search or after any one of the videos just click one and see where it takes you!


Some videos are personal, professional, remixes, etc. Sit back and enjoy what other people have made or recorded. I just randomly picked four different ones. Some you find may be stupid, some will be awesome, some will make you cry tears of happiness and others will make you wonder why you’ve never been to an EDC before!

Click one of the following search terms and see where it takes you.. make sure to randomly click page 3 or deeper to find the good stuff.

EDC 2012, EDC 2011, EDC 2010, EDC Fireworks, EDC House, EDC Trance, EDC Experience or just plain Electric Daisy Carnival!

Go at it and enjoy!


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