Aug 21, 2013

FTP July 31 1999 Niagara Falls NY

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

The event was originally held at the Hart to Hart Furniture building but the port o potties did not arrive and they were forced to move the event across the street to what was known at the time as Center Stage. The event lost the warehouse feel the original venue would have had along with it going from two rooms to only one. The night started off rocky but everyone dance until the sun was up.

Double D (The Sub-Link, House of Unity, Calgary, Canada) This girl is guaranteed to make you move to her hardcore sound.
Fishhead (Midwest Hardcorps, Massive Magazine, Technowest, Winnipeg Canada) Spinning some serious hardcore on three turntables.
Dan Logic (Bubble Crew, Binghamton)
The Concept (Green Lion, Barcode, WBNY, Underground FM, Buffalo)
Interupt Vector Live PA (Low Res, LameAss, Born to Kill, Calgary Canada) – One of Canada’s best hardcore producers is going to do a live PA showing you why he has released lined up on not 1, not 2, but 3 record labels!
Machine (Porno House, Disco 3000, St Catherines/Monorecords, Finland)
Elixir (Filter Productions, Toronto) Bringing the beat up with Hard n’ Epic trance
Le Freak (Filter Productions, Toronto) Hardcore/Gabber & hard trance!
Nigil Caenaan (VideoAudio, Toronto) Supporting his new record due out in the fall
Sensio (Hallucination Records, Headrush, Rochester) One of New York State’s original junglists, going to make you move with some flawless mixing.
Dred (Hallucination Records, Rochester) Bringing you some nice hard techno and trance.

Crisis 909 (Crisis Help Line, Waveform, WRUB, Buffalo) hardcore
Mike Parker (Geophone Records, Buffalo/Thrust/BMI, New York) hard techno
Soma (WBNY, Space Time Trip, Buffalo) hard trance
Cable (Green Lion, Barcode WBNY, Underground FM, Buffalo) Intelligent drum n’ bass
Dan Ritel (Green Lion, Barcode, WBNY, Underground FM, Buffalo) jungle
Stevie Washington (Minimal, Buffalo) Intelligent drum n’ bass
Neveu (Buffalo) hard techno
(Buffalo) trance

The front of the original venue:

Hart to Hart Furniture Niagara Falls NY

Center Stage (now known as the Rapids Theatre) in Niagara Falls, NY

Rapids Theatre Niagara Falls NY

Here’s the full flyer:

FTP Buffalo July 31 1999

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