A Boring deadmau5 Coffee Run with His Lawyer

Joel Zimmerman continues his series of coffee runs with people he knows and this time he takes everyone on a 28 minute ride with high profile entertainment lawyer Dina LaPolt (twitter.com/dinalapolt). Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is another one of her many clients. The only amusing part of the video is around the 25 minute mark when deadmau5 asks her to provide one bit of legal advice for an aspiring musician and as she begins to talk a “meow meow meow meow meow” is dubbed over and the video fast forwards.

At one point early on deadmau5 says, “no one watches this shit.” Except any one who writes online news like this.

To spare you the pain of watching the entire 28 minutes here’s what was discussed:

  • Stupid lawyer jokes
  • Random discussion of album titles
  • Talk of the bike rally where the person in an SUV ran over the biker
  • Stops a guy who looks like Owen Wilson and asks him why there’s a huge spoiler on his cheap car
  • More random stupid lawyer talk
  • Almost did an Avicii coffee run in silence but it never happened

In previous coffee runs we’ve seen him with beam5, Miss Detroit, Russell Peters, Pharrell and Zedd. Check out his YouTube page for all of them http://www.youtube.com/user/deadmau5

Here’s the video if you really have to watch it.


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