Oct 26, 2013

Freakin 1999 and 2000 in Toronto Flyers and Downloads

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Written by: Keith Wozniak

Halloween is always one of the largest party weekends of the year and in Toronto the Freakin events promoted by Dose and Syrous were some of the largest. Back in 1999 and 2000 at the time of these two events the attendance at the parties were bigger than most current Halloween events held in North America in 2013. The Freakin series began in 1998 but I could not locate a flyer for that one. Please share if you have it!

The inside of each flyer is just over 24 inches across. Just to share how big these were!

Freakin 1999 – October 30, 1999

Freakin 1999 was thrown where The Docks is located with a large tent used as the main stage setup. Rabbit in the Moon performed live along with the Bassbin Twins as headliners. There was an incident where speakers had collapsed from people climbing up on top of them. I don’t recall if there were any injuries but it had an impact on the night. The large event also resulted in noise complaints as well which is why the location was moved the following year.

1999 featured: Rabbit in the Moon (Live), Bassbin Twins (Live), H-Foundation (Live), Charles Feelgood, Tim Patrick, Peter & Tyrone, Stretch & Hooker, Jelo, Rich Bailey, D-Monic, Big League Chu, Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, Fabio, Dynamite MC, MC GQ, Mystical Influence, Sniper, Marcus, Unknown Souljah, Lush, Capital J & Spinz with Trigger, Kinetic, L-Natural, Caddy Cad, EPMD (Live)

$25 for the first 2,500. $35 in advance and they were more at the door.

Here’s some downloads hosted by

Jumping Jack Frost – Live at Lifeforce – Freakin – Download

Freakin October 30 1999 Toronto Front

Freakin October 30 1999 Toronto Inside

Freakin October 30 1999 Toronto Back


Freakin 2000 – October 28, 2000

Freakin 2000 was held inside of the Better Living Centre multiple stage setups within the complex. The event teamed up with Gatecrasher UK to host a room that featured trance and progressive house that provided some big room sounds that were popular at the time. Early on in the night the fire alarms went off which resulted in the approximate 7,000 people having to be evacuated for the fire department to inspect the venue. Everyone cleared out without incident and once everyone was let back in the party seemed to take on a whole new life of excitement.

2000 featured: Dj Dan, Barry Weaver, Czech, Matt Hardwick, Robbie Nelson, Max Graham, Andy C, Ray Keith, Bailey, Storm, Skibadee, MC GQ, Souls of Mischief, Executioners, Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Total Eclipse, Tim Patrick, Stretch & Hooker, D-Monic, Myka, OS/2, Sean Miller, Spice, Subsonic Chronic, Mystal Influence, Sniper, Marcus, MC L Natural, MC Bandit.

$40 for the first 5,000 early bird. $50 any remaining tickets and they were more at the door.

Here’s some downloads hosted by

Andy C & MC GQ – Live at Lifeforce Freakin 10-28-2000 – Side A – Download
Andy C & MC GQ – Live at Lifeforce Freakin 10-28-2000 – Side B – Download

Bailey – Live at Lifeforce – Freakin 2000 – Download

Ray Keith – Live at Lifeforce – Freakin 2000 – Download

Storm & MC Skibadee -Live at Lifeforce Freakin 10-28-2000 (Side A) – Download

Storm & MC Skibadee -Live at Lifeforce Freakin 10-28-2000 (Side B) – Download

Czech – Live at Freakin Oct 28 2000 – Side A – Download
Czech – Live at Freakin Oct 28 2000 – Side B – Download

Freakin October 28 2000 Toronto Front

Freakin October 28 2000 Toronto Inside

Freakin October 28 2000 Toronto Back

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