Trailer for Above & Beyond Acoustic Album and Film

Every genre of music reaches a point where people start to say that it’s all the same and there’s nothing different or new about it but in 2013 Above & Beyond took things to a new level by creating an acoustic album as well as playing a number of acoustic live shows. They aren’t the first musicians to turn electronic music into acoustic music but the way they went about it is definitely a new approach. No one else had taken the show on the road like they did from London to Los Angeles.

The acoustic project is some of the most memorable moments that Above & Beyond says that they have experienced covering songs from throughout their discography. The tracklist has not been released yet but their live shows have covered everything that everyone loves whether it’s attributed to Above & Beyond or Oceanlab.

“The payoff is that adrenaline rush you get by seeing the reaction in the room”

They partnered with Vice’s THUMP channel to create a film that captures the London performances at Porchester Hall as well as the story behind Above & Beyond acoustic. The live performances were with a 15-piece band and the recorded album was done with a 24-piece orchestra.

Film will premier January 24, 2014 and the album will be released on January 28, 2014.



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