EDC Vegas Shuttle Changes for 2014

In order to make EDC shuttle transportation system more efficient and ensure a smooth journey from the Vegas strip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, festival goers must now pick a designated location for pick up and drop off. Insomniac stated

“You will still be able to take the bus to the festival at whatever time you would like, however, with a better understanding of how many people intend to depart from a specific location, we can plan accordingly by arranging an appropriate amount of shuttles. We greatly appreciate your participation in helping us make our shuttle system more effective.”

If you have already purchased your shuttle passes, visit http://bit.ly/1fOVyJ3 to designate a location. For those of you who still need to secure your passes, you will be able to pick your location at time of purchase. Shuttle passes can be purchase here http://bit.ly/1fWteVl.


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