Eric Prydz Joins Deadmau5 on a Coffee Run

Eric Prydz is the most recent coffee run to be posted by Deadmau5 on a coffee run as they cruised around the streets of Miami for just under 30 minutes. Even if you dislike the outspoken Deadmau5 or his music these videos are a great insight into the personalities of his passengers. It’s just a relaxed conversation between two people who could be considered celebrities but while on the run they’re just like the rest of us. Even if you don’t want to admit it to anyone else just admit to yourself that you watch every one of these as they are released.

Scroll down to watch but if you don’t want to here’s the highlights:

Eric Prydz still hates flying.

He also spent more money on his Ultra Music Festival production for ‘HOLO’ than he made.

Deadmau5 isn’t excited when people yell his name as he cruises around with the top down.

Playing in India is crazy and Deadmau5 tells Eric Prydz he needs to play there when he can.

Deadmau5 has no interest in ever eating a peach or pear ever again after working in a cannery in Niagara Falls.

Prydz and his wife just welcomed a son into the world six months ago.

For the stalkers, Eric Prydz stays at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami.

The new Deadmau5 album is expected to start being released in early June 2014.

Prydz is working on a new album as well.

Deadmau5 gets paranoid anytime a cop pulls up behind him.


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