2014 ProTip #39: Go to a Pool Party

The topic of pool parties comes up every year with some people praising them and another group wondering why people spend more money when the festival has the same artists. Electric Daisy Carnival is all about the experience and not just the lineup so why not experience EDC Week? EDC Week is still an infant in terms of the size and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to other events like Miami Music Week or the Amsterdam Dance Event but in terms of growth potential it could be on the same scale. Las Vegas continues to evolve and the casinos have embraced dance music investing millions of dollars into the venues and hosting the top DJs every weekend.

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Meet new people before the festival. For those arriving early there are pool parties Wednesday, Thursday and Friday leading up to EDC so take the time to get out there and meet new people who you’ll continue to run into every day. For those going solo to the festival, this is a great way to get to know others and make friends for the rest of the weekend. If there’s a DJ you want to see but no one else in your group wants to go just buy a ticket and go, you’ll find people to hang out with. Join our Facebook group EDC Vegas Forever and get to know people ahead of time to meet up with!

Enjoy the sun. Don’t let the heat scare you away, the fun in the sun does the body good. There aren’t any pool parties anywhere else in the world like there is in Las Vegas so check them out.

See a favorite artist or check out a new one. Do some DJs play similar sets to their festivals sets? Of course. Not all of them do though. Check out your favorite playing a set that will probably be longer than at the festival and you’ll also be able to get up close and personal, something that can’t be done at the festival. This will also give you the chance to see someone else in case there’s a conflict of set times.

It’s different environment. There’s a different connection when everyone is outside hanging out relaxed in bathing suits instead of being inside of a sardine can nightclub. The music will be loud but not like that of a nightclub or near a stage at the festival where it’ll be hard to talk. There aren’t any massive lights, lasers or LED walls, it’s all about the music and people. Unless you’re a germaphobe, don’t be afraid to jump in the pool as well and splash around and cool down!

Pool party protips: Sunscreen, pace your alcohol consumption, drink water and don’t jump into a pool with your phone in your pocket!

After an afternoon a pool party grab something to eat, head back to your hotel, shower, take a disco nap and then head back out once the sun has set to enjoy the Las Vegas strip or even a nightclub!

Need more information on pool parties? Check out our Las Vegas Pool Party Guide.

If those things don’t appeal to you there’s also the option of just going to your hotel pool and relaxing and meeting people as well. The hotel pool will likely have ravers just like everywhere else. The people you meet outside of the festival will become friendly faces once you’re inside of the festival!

A protip a day every day, #1 will be the day we walk into EDC Las Vegas 2014!


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