2014 ProTip #38: Tips for Buying Sold Out Tickets

Tickets for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014 sold out faster than ever before but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck trying to get tickets if you weren’t able to get one. The first part of this protip is to start planning now to be able to buy a ticket for EDCLV 2015 when they go on sale in the late fall of 2014, don’t miss out.

There’s a number of different ways to buy a ticket and also a lot of ways to get ripped off and lose out on a lot of money. If you have an extra ticket to sell keep these things in mind but in reverse order. Help out a fellow raver and give them a good deal, don’t try to scalp or rip anyone off. There’s far more positive transactions than negative ones but if you are the victim of a scam take to social media and spread the news so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Option #1: StubHub

You’ll be spending more money on a ticket through StubHub than other sources but it’s also one of the most reliable methods. StubHub specializes in selling tickets and will guarantee your ticket or you get your money back.

The StubHub guarantee says…

  • You’ll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they’ll be valid for entry
  • If any of the above does not occur, we’ll locate comparable replacement tickets or send you a refund
  • We handle all customer support issues, so sellers will never contact you directly

You won’t get that guarantee anywhere else.

Option #2: Friends and friends of friends

Talk to your friends and start spreading the word that you need tickets. Tickets are showing up online daily on social media and being snatched up just as quick. The guarantee that you’ll get is a trusted friend. Join our Facebook group EDC Vegas Forever and start making connections now!

Option #3: Craigslist & Ebay

These are two of the riskiest ways to purchase your tickets, especially Craigslist. That’s not to say that a lot of successful transactions have not happened through those sites but they’re also the riskiest. When buying from Craigslist try to meet up with the person you’re buying from and even connect with them on Facebook. Until you have the ticket in your hand try to work something out to give the person a deposit with the rest of the money once you have the ticket. As for buying from Ebay, make sure to process all transactions through Ebay and be cautious of anyone trying to get you to send them money as a gift through PayPal as a separate transaction.

Option #4: Enter our Contest

Enter daily to win a free ticket from us! Click here to enter.

If you buy tickets and they are will call you’ll need a photocopy of the driver’s license of the person who bought the ticket along with a photo copy of the credit card with the first 12 digits blacked out. That’s it.

Once you have your card in hand click over to Flavorus and validate your card here: http://www.flavorus.com/wafform.aspx?_act=magcard.

What happens if it isn’t valid? Immediately get in touch with the place you purchased it from and say a prayer.

A protip a day every day, #1 will be the day we walk into EDC Las Vegas 2014!


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