Inside the EDC Las Vegas 2014 Ticket Boxes

It’s like Christmas morning as a little kid when your Electric Daisy Carnival ticket package arrives in the mail. Chances are by the time yours arrives you’ve already seen other people posting pictures online ruining the surprise but it’s still fun opening up the box. They could very easily just send an envelope with your ticket and you’d be on your way but Insomniac puts some extra love into the packages making them just that much more special.

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There’s one box sent per order so if you order one ticket you get one box. If you order two tickets you get two tickets in one box. Three tickets, three tickets in one box. The downside to this is that only one person gets the goodies. What about everyone else? Head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway early on the first day to the will call line and just ask for a box and they’ll have plenty of extras.

Here’s a look at what’s inside of the box:

The ticket box is like a book inside of a cardboard sleeve.

EDCLV 2014 Box Slide Open

EDCLV 2014 Box Cover

The box itself opens up like a book with a message from Pasquale Rotella.

EDCLV2014 Box Inside Flap

Here’s a close up of his message.

EDCLV2014 Box Inside Cover

And opening up the middle leads to the goodies…

EDCLV 2014 Box Inside

On the left hand side is the booklet with information about the festival and the stages.

EDCLV 2014 Box Booklet

EDCLV 2014 Box Booklet Open

Scroll down to the end to view the rest of the pages!

Hearing is important and included are some standard foam earplugs. There’s better earplugs out there but these are better than nothing at all. Use them if you don’t already have any.

EDCLV Box 2014 Ear Plugs

They’ve included an owl key chain.

EDCLV Box 2014 Owl Keychain

Also includes an Insomniac flashlight keychain that looks like a lighter.

EDCLV 2014 Box Flashlight Keychain

An Insomniac sticker.

EDCLV 2014 Box Insomniac Sticker

An EDC owl sticker that clings to the inside of a window.

EDCLV 2014 Box Owl Sticker BeforeEDCLV 2014 Box Owl Sticker After

And of course the ticket card.

EDCLV 2014 Box Ticket Card

If you bought a shuttle pass you’ll be getting it in a separate package and will look something like this. Each shuttle is clearly marked with its location and the small part where the hotel is listed is also an RFID tag.

Shuttle EDC Vegas 2014 Mandalay Bay

And here’s the rest of the book pictures. There was also pages devoted to what is and isn’t allowed which aren’t listed here.

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 2

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 3 Kinetic Field

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 4 Kinetic Field

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 5 Cosmic Meadow

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 6 Circuit Grounds

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 7 Neon Garden

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 8 Bass Pod


EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 9 Basscon

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 10 Wide Awake Art Car

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 11 Art

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 12 Discovery Project

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 13 Fun Facts

EDCLV 2014 Box Book Inside 14 See You Under the Electric Sky


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