Jun 5, 2014

2014 ProTip #23: Learn How to Create a 3D Kandi Cuff

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Written by: Brittany Cassiel

Kandi has been a big part of the rave scene for decades.  It can have many meanings as a symbol of friendship, a remembrance of a memory or even simply a fashion statement.  Kandi can come in all shapes and sizes but each piece tends to have at least two things in common the use of pony beads and string.

Cassiel’s Kandi is a page of kandi creations made by myself, Brittany Cassiel, a northern California raver.  I focus on making 3D cuffs—giving them away to my close friends to symbolize the importance of their friendship. Occasionally I have giveaways to spread the love to everyone.  Readers of ‘The Scene is Dead’ will have the opportunity to enter to win a one of a kind 3D cuff that I’ve designed. You can enter the contest at the bottom of this ProTip!

Supplies you’ll need to create a 3D cuff:

–  1mm Stretch Magic brand stretchy string, or 1mm elastic fabric cord
–  9mm pony beads, between 400 and 1000 beads, depending on how large you want the cuff to be
–  Scissors to cut the string
–  (optional) Needle for faster beading
–  3-5 hours to bring your idea to fruition

String and pony bead sizes can vary, but these sizes tend to create the most durable and “3D-looking” cuffs that will not collapse upon themselves.

Follow these steps:

1.  Create an x-base cuff.  It is called an x-base because it has x-like shapes throughout.  There are many tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through this step, click here for a list.
This “base” of the cuff will be the part that sits on your wrist, and only the top and bottom layer of beads will be visible when worn.

2.  Add the 3D loops to the outside of the x-base cuff.  Be creative with this part—there are tutorials on YouTube to create pre-determined 3D layers; however, the most beautiful and creative 3D cuffs are ones where the creator thought outside-the-box and experimented with a new idea! Click here for a list of 3D kandi cuff tutorials.

Some tips from Cassiel’s Kandi to help get you started on your first 3D kandi cuff:

–  Because 3D kandi cuffs take 3-5 hours per cuff, it’s important that you set aside ample time to plan your ideas before starting to create—if you make a mistake and already tied it to the base, it is hard to undo!
–  Use very long pieces of string, at least two times your armspan.  The longer the string, the less likelihood of the cuff breaking due to improper knots when tying on new string.
–  If using clear stretchy string like Stretch Magic, use a 12 gauge hollow piercing needle to help string your beads faster.  Put the string through the hollow piercing hole and wrap it around the side—but make sure when you’re beading to not poke yourself!
–  If using fabric string, use a large plastic lacing needle in the same manner, but tie the fabric string to the end of the lacing needle.  Both needles will allow you to quickly add beads to the string and can help you weave through beads faster.
–  Knot, knot knot!  When creating the x-base, knotting every layer is vital to having a strong base.  If the base breaks, your entire cuff will fall apart and it is near impossible to fix.  Also, knot your 3D loops to the base of the cuff as often as possible.  This will allow the 3D portion to stand securely in place, and if a few loops happen to break, the entire 3D portion will not break with it.
–  Be creative and fill the cuff with love!  The more creative and original, the more special the cuff will be to the person receiving it.

Examples of 3D cuffs that were made by Cassiel:

1078953_214365155383552_1089260151_o 1072223_214416545378413_1818460517_o


Here’s some places where you can buy supplies:


Pony Beads & More

ConsumerCrafts (coupon code: SIGNUP10 for 10% off entire order)


1mm Stretch Magic

1mm Stretchrite Fabric Cord


12 Gauge Piercing Needle

Plastic Lacing/Sewing Needle



Enter the contest below to win this one-of-a-kind Grass/Water-type Pokemon 3D kandi cuff made by Cassiel (pictured above)!

The contest is pretty simple. Each like, follow, tweet gives you an entry into the contest. You don’t have to select them all, it’s just less entries. Contest ends on June 13 and one winner will be chosen at random on June 14.

Win a one-of-a-kind 3D kandi cuff made by Cassiel’s Kandi!

If the contest doesn’t load on the page, then you can click here to enter: Win a one-of-a-kind 3D kandi cuff made by Cassiel’s Kandi!


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