Dancetronauts Returning to EDC Las Vegas 2014

The Dancetronauts have posted on their Facebook page that they’ll be returning to EDC Las Vegas 2014 with a lineup of music for all three nights of the festival. What is Dancetronauts? It’s a spaceship looking mobile stage with music, lights and performers. The picture above doesn’t even do it justice.

The Dancetronauts were often near the Circuit Grounds stage in 2013 and chances are you walked by it a few times and probably stopped by it as well.

We’ve all looked over the 2014 EDC Las Vegas lineup and planned who we want to see but side stages like this can offer a great variety of music and performers you won’t see at the other stages. Click through the Dancetronauts Facebook page to get an idea of what they’re all about!

Dancetronauts EDC Las Vegas 2014


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