POPNYE Featuring Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren’s outstanding performance at the POP New Year’s Eve 2014 event in Oakland, California was a magical night to remember. The Oracle Arena was packed with thousands of excited fans, some of whom had waited up to an hour to get in but when they finally got inside found the party to be more than worth it. Armin’s stage was located in the center of the arena, allowing for anyone to be able to see him as he revolved around the room, which is better than most traditional shows where the stage only faces one way allowing only occasional glimpses of the artist.


Fog, lasers, HD movies, sound, confetti rained and swirled upon the ecstatic crowd that was enthralled with the performance. Armin had the POPNYE crowd in the palm of his hand, getting the arena to sit down, clap their hands and hug their neighbor. Armin created his own countdown to 2015 during the song “Ping Pong” even though the clock had hours to go before midnight and the crowd gleefully counted along.

The closing track of the evening was “This is What if Feels Like” featuring Trevor Guthrie on vocals. Armin made a heartfelt speech to the crowd before dropping the track saying,

[quote]“I need you guys to promise me something all right? It’s one small promise. It’s an amazing start for 2015. I want each and every one of you tonight to hold someone. I don’t care who, if it’s your biggest friends, your mother, your father, whoever. Just promise me that you will hug someone and hold them dearly OK?”[/quote]

And the crowd did, holding each other during this ballad singing along, feeling the love of each other. Together for one moment in time we were all truly one.

There was no better way to start 2015.

Featured track in the TranceFamily SF video is Armin van Buuren “Together (ASOT 700 Anthem)”
Video by Ryan Pehrson

Photos by Nandiya Attiya Photography:
[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.861303667225726.1073741880.179493515406748&type=3]

Additional photos from POPNYE hosted by Skills Events from various photographers:
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