Shipsomnia Ready to Set Sail

This looks to be another amazing adventure at sea for all of the EDM lovers out there. From January 2016 music lovers will go round trip from Singapore to Phuket Beach then a stopover in Langkawi. After all of this you will cruise back to your starting point of Singapore. There will be over 30 DJs in 4 different zones on the Costa Victoria, which will create an amazing experience.

Directly from the Shipsomnia website:

“DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF THE SEA: Unlock the mysteries of the ocean as we venture out into the wild blue yonder in search of the vibrant rhythms that brings about the epic phenomenon called Shipsomnia. An aquatic wonderland awaits, as marine animals and mythical sea creatures come to life and join us in an ocean festival like no other across the land. Let us discover the treasures of this ocean fantasy and welcome our aquatic friends on board the ship – fish of all colors and sizes, glowing jellyfish, flying sea turtles, beautiful mermaids and more – as we all dance to the eclectic rhythms at sea. ”

This is bound to be a magical experience for everyone. For more information visit


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