EDC ProTip: Know Your Shuttle Pick-Up and Drop-off Locations

As EDC goers know the speedway can get a little messy when it comes to commuting to and from the venue (especially day 1). On that note, if you are taking Insomniac or any other 3rd party shuttles (Party Bus, etc.) MAKE SURE to know where their respective pick up and drop off locations are.

There are instances in previous years of pick up locations for third-party company shuttles changing due to logistic reasons. To avoid any confusion from happening when coming out of the speedway make sure to not only know where to go for your pick-up but also to have a phone number handy on paper (in case your phone dies) of anyone responsible for organizing and working for your contracted shuttle agency. The last thing you want is to be doing laps outside and around the speedway to try to find your shuttle amongst thousands! Most workers outside won’t know where your exact shuttle’s pick up location is so make it your responsibility to know where the pick up spot is! Year after year I have seen people going in circles panicking about being left behind!

Be prepared or be ready for a nightmare (this has happened to me)!


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