Interview: Trap Heavy Hitter Ookay

Abraham Laguna aka Ookay is one of the most humble and honest artists I have had the pleasure to sit down with. During EDC week, which is a busy time for any artist I was so grateful he was able to make the time to meet with me. Prior to the interview, we sat down for some drinks and food which gave me a chance to get to know Ookay.  With a bunch of laughs and jokes it felt like I was sitting with a friend. After this we dove right into the interview.

Tory /The Scene is Dead: So describe for me your love for both Ookay and Coaster?
Ookay: Coaster is where I go to release the creativity I have that I can’t put out under Ookay. Right now Ookay is my priority but it is nice being able to express myself differently sometimes. Basically finding anyway to put out what I love.

TSiD: What would you say your ultimate goal is as far as sound and musicality.
Ookay: Basically going with the flow. When I start a project I have no clue which way I’m going. I sometimes got from 140 BPM to 100 BPM. When I look at my folders sometimes I realize how many projects I have and love not knowing which direction I’m going with the track. It all comes together at the end.

TSiD: Are there any artists that have inspired you at the start and along your amazing growth?
Ookay: I got it from a lot of people. Diplo has helped me a ton and so many other artists. I also get my drive from other up and comers like Snails, Kennedy Jones and Slander. We all grow and push each other to do better and better.

TSiD: In 2015 what would you say your best or favorite show is you have done?
Ookay: Red Rocks! It was a sold out crowd and exhilarating. This was my second time playing and it was truly amazing!

TSiD: As far as production, what is your program of choice?
Ookay: I use FL Studio a lot, but on the road I also use Ableton. I love using samples and plugins. Most of the time I like using my voice to create things. Many people are surprised that’s my voice. When I started using Ableton you can automate tempo and warp tracks so smooth compared to others. I’ll jump around depending on the project.

TSiD: Are there any upcoming shows you are really looking forward to?
Ookay: We have Tokyo in July which is going to be dope! I have never been to Tokyo and I am so stoked for this show. Ibiza is going to great and also Tomorrowland. I am excited for everything upcoming!

TSiD: Do you prefer producing or performing more?
Ookay: To me it goes hand in hand. I love producing music but at the same time I love seeing how the crowd reacts to something that I made or a part of. It’s an amazing feeling! I am looking forward to EDC Vegas to drop some new music so I can’t wait.

Ookay's bassist father
In honor of Father’s day, the California-based beatmaker welcomed his accomplished bassist father on stage for a special solo performance at EDC Las Vegas.

TSiD: Any new collaborations coming up in the near future?
Ookay: Yes! I have a track coming out with A-Trak that we are still tweaking. Its going to be great and we have put a lot of time into it! Good things take time and this is going to be great. People at Red Rocks heard it and everyone responded really well and I can’t wait to release it. I love working with him.

TSiD: Is there any artist you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Ookay: I would like to collaborate with Valentino Khan, I am really liking his stuff. Another one is Jauz which is a personal friend of mine!

I was able to catch Ookay’s performance on EDC Las Vegas’s bassPOD stage Sunday night. He really put bassPOD to the test with massive drops and more energy than you could imagine. During his set the crowd was massive and you could feel the electricity in the air. Truly and awesome display of talent!

Ookay was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done with The Scene is Dead so far. Really made me feel at home with him and his group. Make sure you check out his music and if you have the chance to see him live don’t miss it!


Listen to Ookay’s set from EDC Las Vegas 2015:
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