Summer Set Music Festival 2015 Day 3 Recap

On Sunday we woke up to some seriously gross weather, which was weird because the first two days were really hot and sunny. My group and I got dressed and packed, anticipating some awesome sets from the likes of Zeds Dead, Deadmau5 and Die Antwoord. As we drove towards the venue we realized quickly that the weather was not looking to turn into something better. The rain was pouring and we figured that it would maybe let up and not be a huge issue.


Not too long after arriving at the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, we saw lightning and our phones blew up with notifications from the official Summer Set app. These warned us of the severe weather situation and that they were shutting down all programming until further notice.


Eventually the weather did let up and people were re-admitted into the festival with new set times as well. Fortunately both Zeds Dead and Deadmau5 were able to play their sets, and both of them did awesome. Deadmau5’s new stage was super cool to see live, and the crowd at Zeds Dead’s set was by far one of the most packed of the entire festival.

Stay tuned for the full review coming later this week!


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