Paper Rave to Inpetto “How We Used To Do”

German house duo Inpetto just released their fifth single, “How We Used To Do”, on Laidback Luke’s label, Mixmash Records. Another addition for Marco and Drik Duderstadt, the two brothers behind the Inpetto alias, that carries on their piano-house sound.

“How We Used To Do” is a funky track that dances its way around different styles of house. The distorting synths and wavering melody within the track brings the funky, future house sounds. But the rhythmic piano chord that strokes its way to the main melody grounds the tune with the Inpetto sound. Inpetto isn’t afraid-to-go-there as the drop of their new tune drops the bassline into a break-beat frenzy. The vocals in the background is just the icing on the top for fans to sing along with as this song makes an appearance on their pre-game-on-the-way-to-the-club playlist.


Be sure to check out the cutout-style animation that Inpetto used for their video. It shows a story of a person who gets lifted out of his dark times by purging his fears and sorrow on the dance-floor. It’s a happy ending as he meets a woman who fuels his will to smile. The characters faces in the video may be an empty canvass, but we can all paint ourselves in its blank spaces as the Paper People reminds us of those times where we found love and happiness in music. #PaperRaving

Inpetto are no strangers to the scene. The two recently remixed Galantis hit “Louder, Harder, Better”. Following “Learn To Fly”, “Lifting”, “I Need To Know” and “Needin’ U So”, “How We Used To Do” is just another notch in their belt of dance-floor destroyers.


Check out Inpetto’s Soundcloud below.



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