Review: A Little Background on Arno Cost and His New EP ‘Coming Alive’

Paris’ golden star Arno Cost just released his first EP Coming Alive on Protocol Recordings. For those of you who don’t know, P.R. is Dutch house DJ Nicky Romero’s label.

Cost’s EP will feature two fresh tracks: “1000 Suns” and the title track “Coming Alive”.

The first track, “1000 Suns”, is happy tune that leads you in with quick electronic keys that flows to the current of the refreshing vocals and chants. You can’t help but be overcome with a bright feeling as the rhythm of the electronic keys fluctuate like a wave that curves your mouth into a smile. The sharp synths that joins the party after the beat drops only adds to the upbeat mode of the song as you want to joyfully chant along with the background vocals.

“Coming Alive” is much like its album partner as it contains the familiar electronic keys. But unlike his other track, this one features the beautiful vocals by London-based artist River. You might have heard her vocals on Tobtok’s tropical house rendition of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit, “Fast Car”. Like in “1000 Suns”, Cost carries on his use of key strokes. However, he shows us his producing skill as he plays with tone and melody. By playing with the tracks pitches, emulating a rock star that’s on stage strutting away, the vibrato makes you want to throw your hands up in the air and jump around as the vocals from River surrounds you with warm words.

The 29-year-old Parisian is making moves in the music world. For some, the name Arno Cost might seem foreign, or his name might be scrambled in a vague memory of cluttered track. But, without a doubt, you have heard his music.


You may not be able to remember, but his skillfully crafted sound has been there. It could have been that time you were wondering around a festival, or grabbing a drink at the bar while you’re waiting for one of your favorite songs to drop.

Cost has been in the music scene since, about, the age of 20. Some of his recent work, that you might remember since it’s attached to bigger names, includes his remix of Nicky Romero’s collaboration with Anouk, “Feet Off The Ground”, and his remix of fellow French DJ David Guetta hit featuring Sia, “Titanium”.

Born in Paris, August of 1986, the young future star of France’s house scene quickly became adept into the musical arts by his parents. By 1999, he was creating his own music at home. The young Cost was inspired by the pop music that thrived in his youth, Italo-disco and French house.

His wonderment in bass thumping music from the young age increased his thirst for grooving house music that makes-you-want-to-tear-up-the-dance-floor as he reached his adult years. It’s no wonder that some of the biggest influences in his music today are French electro legends Daft Punk, Axwell, and Eric Prydz.

By 2006, Cost was signed onto Serial Records, a label based in France. It was then he released his first hit “Let U Go” under the alias The Freshmakers. Cost also used other alias (Le Monde, Subaltern, and BB Law) for his projects throughout the years. One of his more famous alias is his partnership with Norman Doray. The two formed Cr2, where they released “Apocalypse” in 2007.

Cost first big break came by a remix of Geyster’s “Under The Fuse of Love”. BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong was instantly bewitched by Cost’s rendition. Many others, who danced their nights away in the United Kingdom, were also under Cost’s spell. The remix sat at the #2 spot of the UK Club Chart for weeks before people’s hips became tired and worn out from its beat.

Lightning struck twice with Tong in 2007 as the radio DJ was hypnotized with Cost’s collaboration with Arias, “Magenta”. Swedish DJ, and inspiration, Axwell also loved the track. That year, English DJ Dave Spoon, or Simon Neal, remix of the track became the most played tune at The Amsterdam Dance Event. “Magenta” was an instant hit. Who could blame them? It was hard not to be instantly lured into “Magenta” with its funky disco sound, enriched by contemporary electro influences.

Cost was able to show off more of his musical talent with his 2013 collaboration with Greg Cerrone, “NightVenture”. The track premiered on Size Records, a different label with a different sound. This allowed Cost to flex his producing muscles, showing that he can produce a track with big room capability, while keeping his melodic touch.

Slowly, Cost was making his name a brand that proudly carries on the electronic music torch for French producers. Starting from the small, intimate night clubs in Europe, Cost elevated his name to the big stage. His surge in popularity has brought him overseas; once for The Sydney Freedom Dance Festival. His sound has even reached the dark nightclubs of the United States, playing in big cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

His success in the electronic music world has led him to rebrand himself and grow as an artist. In 2015, Cost shifted his focus on his new bi-weekly show, “When In Paris Radio”. With this new project, he wanted to show the world the evolution of French music, all of the influences, the growth from disco to pop to electronica and help preserve the authenticity of Parisian sound.

Coincidentally, the first guest on his 2015 January premiere was no other than the face of Protocol Recordings: Nicky Romero.

Now that you have quickly caught up with who Arno Cost is, make sure to check out some of his music. Soundcloud and YouTube has a vast pool to choose from, so give it a listen.

Also, don’t forget to check out his EP Coming Alive


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