Celebrating 20 Years With The Electric Daisy Carnival

Insomniac hosted the iconic Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Speedway last month. The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. With a massive lineup of 200+ DJs from all genres of electronic music and a new layout of the Speedway, Insomniac made sure that this was one EDC to remember.

Artists outdid themselves this year. Each night was packed with amazing music from trance, from big room house to deep house, trap, hardstyle, hardcore and everything else in between. DJs like Eric Prydz played a perfectly orchestrated set full of IDs that contained a nostalgic 80s synth. Seven Lions rocked the mainstage with his rendition of trance infused dubstep, combing wobble with euphoric melodies while showcasing his love for the darker side of trance as he introduced a mainstage crowd to psytrance. Above & Beyond spread the love with their tribute to the Orlando victims by projecting a rainbow flag all over their giant LED screens. Excision even set the stage on fire by proving how hard they could throw down and how ‘lit’ EDC was.



There was something for everyone at EDC, Insomniac made sure of it. The hardcore and hardstyle kids found themselves at wasteLAND, those who liked their beats a little more groovy went to the upside-downHOUSE and those who wanted to take the path off the mainstream can enjoy a nice and intimate set at one of the art cars. Trance enthusiast even found a home at circuitGROUNDS as it was taken over by Dreamstate, hosting an overwhelming amount of uplifting music from talents that ranged from up and comers to legends. For those who like the more industrial side of perfectly orchestrated music found their way to Drumcode at the neonGARDEN tent.

This years ticket prices have been more expensive than past years due to the recent entertainment tax in Las Vegas. However, with all of the production at EDC, it’s reassuring to know that the extra money was well spent. Each stage had its own theme and design. The main stage, kineticFIELD, had a more futuristic design that incorporated the idea of time through technology. wasteLAND was a glimpse into a dark future where chaos roamed free and life is all but lost.  

Then there were some fans who just liked the simplest of design. “I love the circuitGROUNDS stage and their giant screens”, ‘Tiny Dancer’, 28, Marin, said. “The sound system is all around the stage so it sounds like the music is surrounding you and the visuals are just amazing”.


In addition to all of the stage props, many free carnival rides were provided. The carnival theme was also carried out by performers such as clowns and acrobats and mobile art displays like a light up Pac-Man. Insomniac spared no expense to creating a real life trompe-L’Oeil as fans minds absorbed all of the vivid stimulus and tried to distinguish reality from Wonderland.

Compared to other years, Insomniac utilized the full space of the Speedway for the 20th Anniversary. For instance, the main stage this year was set in the corner providing more room. There was plenty of room for fans to walk, dance or take a break and sit down (which is always a bad idea). There was also FREE water refill stations next to every stage to combat the desert heat. However, all of the spacing did place the bathrooms on the outskirts of the grounds. The trek from a stage to the bathroom could have been a treacherous one when traffic in between sets was high.

At the center of it all was Carnival Square. Many attendees could play carnival games, take a picture in front of an enlarged EDC sign, charged their phone and have access to Wi-Fi for free! Right next to the square was Memory Lane. While traveling from one side to another, Headliners could stroll down Memory Lane where surrounding LED screens flashed clips from past EDCs while the speakers blast top hits from the past.

“It was great to see all of those images and clips from old EDC”, Nicole, 24, Santa Cruz, said. “I’ve been to five EDCs now and seeing all of those videos of the LA Coliseum just takes me back and reminds me of all the magic that EDC has created in my life”.


Of course, with all the good there are some bad. There were some reported violence at the event, the traffic exiting the venue was not pleasant and the trash that Headliners left behind was horrendous. The Las Vegas Review Journal called it one of the worst traffic that the I-15 had seen.

Despite all of the negativity that occurred at, or surrounded this years EDC, many attendees believed that the festival was a success and had a great time. “I’m so glad I YOLO’d it to EDC”, Lance, 24, Los Angeles, said. “There is just something amazing about this event and I couldn’t not go with this friends lineup here”.




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