Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Welcome to your ultimate guide to Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 Las Vegas edition! The festival is going to take place for the fourth time at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in June 2014 and we’re back again here at The Scene is Dead to get you prepared. The adventure to the desert is considered a yearly pilgrimage for ravers from around the world and we’ll deliver all of the news, information, ProTips, pool parties, club nights and more for the festival.

Depending on how long you’ll be in Las Vegas the trip could be centered around just the three nights of the festival or you can go for an entire week going to the festival along with pool parties and clubs. Our number one tip for Las Vegas is to wear comfortable shoes because there’s a lot of walking involved and to pace yourself, it’s easy to go hard too fast and you’ll wipe yourself out.

For those new to the site, the scene is far from dead. People will continue to say it’s dying, there’s a bubble or whatever but we keep dancing. Enjoy the ride!


What to pack? What’s allowed? What isn’t allowed? Should I bring chap stick? Can I bring a camelbak? Where should we plan meetup spots?

All of those questions answered with new tips for 2014 and you can also view the 84 ProTips from 2013 that are still relevant.


EDCLV Week Info

EDC Week is the Tuesday before EDC until the day after and includes pool parties and club nights at just about every venue on the Las Vegas strip. You can visit Las Vegas just for EDC but we recommend checking out a pool party as well while there. The prices for events start low and quickly escalate. View info/buy tickets for EDC Week events here.

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EDCLV Lineup

Where’s the lineup? It was released on May 27, 2014 and includes something for everyone! Full the full lineup here.

EDCLV Time Slots

The time slots are usually released the Wednesday before EDC. Would it be nice to have them earlier and plan? Sure. But once you’re in Vegas it’s another round of excitement planning out your festival experience with your friends.

EDCLV Festival Times

The festival gates open at 7 pm and ends at 5:30am. The shuttles will arrive earlier so you can lineup. Once the music ends you can also hang around inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway until traffic clears out and shuttle lines go down. Security doesn’t start to herd everyone out like a typical club night many people are used to. Grab a spot on the grass and sit down and relax and chill out.

EDCLV Ticket Info

Tickets started shipping on May 27, 2014 and will take a couple of weeks to arrive for everyone. Don’t freak out if you haven’t received yours and all of your friends have. For more info read 2014 ProTip #28 Where Are My EDC Tickets?

EDCLV Shuttle Info

The shuttles run from 5 pm until 8 am and some locations stopping between midnight and 4 am. When going to the festival you have to take the shuttle that is on your wristband. Leaving the festival back to your hotel you can take any shuttle. Shuttle wristbands have shipped separately from your EDC tickets so don’t be alarmed if you get one before the other. Continue reading the protip for more detailed information.

For more information on shuttle locations and times: 2014 ProTip #40 Changes to EDC Shuttles and FAQ’s


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