2014 ProTip #40: Changes to EDC Shuttles and Some FAQs

The official shuttle bus service through Insomniac for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014 has changed from 2013 so we figured this was a great place to start. We’ll be counting down a protip a day until the day we all walk into the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the festival. If you read the 2013 protips you’ll probably read some repeats but some need updates and we’ll try to come up with some new ones.

The biggest difference going into the fourth edition of EDC Las Vegas is that everyone has to pick a shuttle location instead of it being a free for all with everyone going wherever they please. This has created some confusion and dissatisfaction as stops have sold out and people have changed hotels.

The biggest protip here is to take the official Insomniac shuttles. They are reliable and there’s no worry about being stranded anywhere. There are plenty of third party shuttle services but many of them only run certain hours and may make you pick the time you’ll be going to the festival and the time you’ll have to come back. That may not sound too bad right now but once you’re in Las Vegas time will fly and your plans will change, especially if you decide to go to a pool party.

The shuttles will run from 5:00pm until 8:00am with all locations except for Luxor, Linq, Circus Circus and Downtown shutting down from midnight until 4:00am. What happens if you want to leave early and your stop is closed? What if you’re late getting a start and your stop is closed? Find the next closest shuttle. Here’s the locations and times:

EDC Vegas 2014 Shuttle Schedule

If you haven’t bought your shuttle pass yet do it now!


Do you have to use that shuttle printed on your wristband to the festival? Yes.

Do you have to use that shuttle leaving the festival? NO. You can take any shuttle back.

What if you don’t remember which shuttle that you picked? Login to your Flavorus account and check your purchase history. If you still aren’t sure you can send an email to help@flavorus.com or call them at 1-855-2-FLAVOR.

If you bought a shuttle pass off of StubHub you’ll want to get in touch with them and they should be able to contact the seller to find out where it’s for. If you bought it off of Craigslist or a random person online anywhere else you’ll need to contact the seller.

Can I drink on the shuttle? As you’re boarding the shuttle they may ask you to finish or throw out any open beverages.

How long does it take to get to the festival? From the time you step on the shuttle until the time you walk off expect a ride of at least 45 minutes, possibly longer depending on when you leave and any traffic.

What time do the shuttles run? See the above chart.

How often do they run? They run in a loop taking people to the festival, bringing people back and then repeat.

Are there bathrooms on the buses? Most of them have bathrooms. Some may have out of order signs. Don’t be that person stinking the place up though, save it for a festival porta potty.

Is there music playing? Some bus drivers play music, others don’t. Some that do may play something other than electronic music.


The only locations still available are (Updated May 30, 2014):

  • Downtown
  • Linq
  • Rio
  • Luxor Lot

Now what do you do if you don’t have a pass yet?

Look at a map and find the location nearest you. Luxor is at the South end of the strip. Rio and the Linq are closer to the North end.


The pickup locations for each hotel are below. Take note that Luxor is now across the street from the hotel on the other side of Las Vegas Blvd.

Downtown – Container Park (707 Fremont Street) North Bus Lane (passengers line up in alley between 2 main buildings)
Circus Circus – East Lot, Adventure Dome entrance
Mirage – North Valet
Linq – Public Parking Lot (Behind High Roller ferris wheel)
Rio – West Entrance, shuttle bus staging
Cosmopolitan – Main Valet (underground, against north wall)
Aria – Tour Lobby (underground)
Hard Rock Hotel – East Side, Paradise lot
Monte Carlo – North tour Lobby
MGM Grand – Bottom Level, self-parking garage
Excalibur – Tour Lobby Rotunda
Luxor Lot Across Las Vegas Blvd. from the Luxor (Enter off Las Vegas Blvd at Gates 1 & 3)
Mandalay Bay – Shark Reef / Convention Center Entrance

Need more information? Have questions? Here’s some additional links:


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