It’s Not Your Scene, Share it or Help Change it

This ridiculous image has been making it’s rounds around Facebook and there’s a lot that can be said about it and the first thing is that yes you are jaded, a music scene doesn’t belong to anyone!!  Continue reading….

Be happy that there’s still a scene!!  It’s changed.  Adapt with it.  Don’t like it?  Throw your own underground event!  How do you think a lot of the big names started and got to where they are today?  By doing it themselves and making things happen!

I’ll go through these one by one:

“Too many times I am seeing arguments about how ravers these days don’t follow PLUR. They say we are judgmental and we are hateful to new changes in the scene”

Complaining about being judgmental and then being judgmental.  hmmmmm!  Crap.  Now I’m being judgmental.  Hypocrisy!

You have not only people making money by selling kandi, you now have corporations marketing it to youth

How is that marketing to youth?  I take it that you missed the ALL AGES rave culture of the 1990’s?  Sure, some festivals are still all ages but an overwhelming majority of all events are either 18+ or 21+ and that’s certainly not youth.  Sure Hot Topic is selling that stuff but is that screaming “hey go out and dance to electronic music?” No. Not at all.  I suppose you also missed all of the merchandise tables that used to sell handmade jewelry to ravers many years ago.  There’s nothing wrong with people making money.  Did you know stores make money off of you buying the beads you use to make your stuff?

Also, Hot Topic used to be a prime place to hand out rave flyers to try and reach a new audience who would have otherwise not known about them.  As a former promoter I’ve always respected Hot Topic for allowing that stuff or at least it’s employee’s for allowing it.

Go-Go’s with talent are pushed aside for provocative dancing in fluffies

You know who those dancers are?  A lot of old school ravers.  At least they’re dancing instead of moshing or crowd surfing.  Besides, what’s wrong with provocative dancing?  Nothing in my mind!

You have pop music take and destroy a beautful dance and culture by turning express to impress

What’s wrong with people who like to express themselves by dressing to impress?  Like how I spun that around?

fights, fly by night promoter teams, the sync button DJ’s and bro’s who don’t know their limits

Nothing new.  Fly by night promoter teams disappear as quickly as they appear.  If you have two brain cells you’ll know who to stay away from.

The same thing with sync button dj’s, they’ll disappear as quickly as they appear IF the only thing they’re doing is going from one track to the next.  The sync button is an amazing feature that allows someone with talent to do things with music that’s been nearly impossible before.  The sync button can beat match for you but it doesn’t teach you how to build a proper set instead of playing banging tune after banging tune.  I’d rather hear a sync button dj who’s a friend of the promoter than years ago when a promoters friend would trainwreck on two 1200’s for an hour or simply fade one track to the other by cutting out the bass from one and bringing in the bass from the other.

As for people knowing their limits, it’s something everyone needs to pay attention to of all ages and sizes, not just the bro’s.  I hate that term.

Large corporate sponsored events and corporate money are what has helped revive dance music to be bigger than ever!  The same things were ranted about in the 90’s when Fatboy Slim and Prodigy and Daft Punk and Moby and BT were all over MTV and inside of Rolling Stone.

What’s old is new new again.  There’s so much more out there than the large events that most people are complaining about.  Do some research and find the smaller events put on by smaller promoters and you’ll see a whole new world.  Back to the top though, if you still don’t like that work to change it by throwing your own events.

Go out and dance and have fun!


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