Be a Person and People Will Follow, Give you Money and Listen

I posted this as a basic Facebook/Twitter rant but figured it was worth something a little bit longer.  Since I’ve started going to more events as time allows it’s been amazing how many friend requests on Facebook and follows on Twitter I’ve gotten from people (promoters and dj’s) doing it all wrong.

I was a promoter once and understand how it all works.  You make money by having people buy tickets and attend events and based on your actions.  Awesome.  I have no problems with that.  I’m all for people trying to sell me tickets to things that I would want to go to but you have to be a person too!  If you’re ONLY going to push events, bottle service and your phone number for guest list than you’re doing it all wrong.  Do those things work?  Of course.  Do you want to do it better?  BE A PERSON!!!  If you’re a person and not just a ‘bot you’re more likely to make more connections and probably more business.

Take a few minutes a day to scroll through your Facebook wall or Twitter feed and reply to people, like something, retweet something.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes.  People like connections.  No one wants to just see post after post saying “Add me to Your Facebook Page” or “Reduced Guestlist Text 555-555-5555.”  I don’t care if you’re a real friend or not, I just won’t be annoyed by the constant annoyance of spam posts, event invites and attempts for you to sell things.

The same can be said about dj’s and producers as well.  As you’re starting out building a name for yourself you need to build a fan base.  In a perfect world the music will speak for itself and if it’s awesome you’ll become popular.  That’s now how things work though.  If someone enjoys your music and they connect with you they’ll follow, listen, provide feedback and share!

Someday you’ll be in charge of a world class club and you’ll be touring the world as a dj but until then be a person and not a robot!!!


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