Interview with Kill the Noise about EDC, Collaborations and a ProTip

There’s a long list of performers and headliners at Electric Daisy Carnival and one of those is Kill the Noise who has three sets scheduled for EDC Week and he took a few moments to talk with The Scene is Dead about it all and offer a protip himself. He’ll be appearing on June 20 at the Bassrush Pool Party (more info / buy tickets here), Bassrush Massive (buy tickets) and the sold out festival itself, Electric Daisy Carnival. The specific day of his festival gig is still to be determined.

Kill the Noise is a producer/DJ that has worked with other names like Spor, Evol Intent, Infiltrata, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, The Upbeats, Datsik, Dieselboy and now deadmau5. He’s appeared at the Grammy’s and also performed with Korn on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. He’s also performed at previous Electric Daisy Carnival’s, Coachella, Ultra, Lollapalooza and everywhere else in between.

There are no boundaries with the music and he’s having as much fun behind the decks as we are on the dance floor. Kill the Noise used to go by the name Ewun and has produced tracks from drum and bass to trap to electro to what is now just easily called bass music. Labels aren’t important for Kill the Noise and if you’re a fan they probably aren’t for you either on the dance floor.

Here’s his set from EDC Vegas 2012:

Read on for his thoughts on Electric Daisy Carnival, what to expect and the protip he offers!

The Scene is Dead: How’d the Black Magic Mystical Wonder Tour go?

Kill the Noise: It was great man, got to travel and play music with some of my close friends. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

TSiD: From partying in Toronto years ago to performing in the same city. What memories (raves, DJ sets) come back to you when you’re back in that city?

KTN: Definitely all the drum’n’bass shows me and Cody (Codes) went to in the early 2000’s really had a big impact on me. That entire period of my life really inspired me to get into DJ’ing and then production. Toronto is an amazing city, and I still love it for different reasons now. There is a bit of nostalgia there still of course.

TSiD: You’ve seen the world playing in a lot of places. There’s always talk of the popularity bursting even as things continue to grow, what’re your thoughts on that?

KTN: The popularity of electronic music? Well, I was doing it long before it became popular, and I’ll continue to do it if it becomes unpopular again. Beyond that, I consider myself a musician and I will always be evolving. If I end up having a long career in this business I don’t want to limit myself to electronic music. I love all kinds of music.

TSiD: Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is coming up soon. You’ve played it before and have also played at a lot of the other big festivals. What differentiates EDC Vegas from the others?

KTN: It’s definitely a full on experience. One of those things you have to see for yourself to understand. I have just as much fun walking around and exploring like everyone else.

TSiD: Do you think about your set any differently for something like EDC compared to a club gig?

KTN: Definitely, there’s quite a bit of stress preparing, I’m really hard on myself about trying to come to the table with new material for big shows like that. I do lots of prep work for club gigs as well but mentally I’m much more relaxed obviously for those types of shows.

TSiD: Are you big enough to grab a helicopter flight in yet or stuck driving like the rest of us through traffic? No shame if you get the helicopter ride, I can imagine it’s a sight to see!

KTN: haha well, anyone can get a helicopter ride, it just costs money… I don’t like to spend money on stuff like that though.

TSiD: You’re also playing the Bassrush pool party and Bassrush Massive in Vegas on one day. Is there a difference between a Kill the Noise pool party set vs one at night?

KTN: Yeah definitely, the pool party thing is just gonna be a free for all. No rules really, probably lots of tag sets. We try to make things like that totally stress free and fun.  Bassrush show will be like any other big event though!

TSiD: What’s a few protips you’d give to those traveling to Vegas for the festival, especially rookies?

KTN: Drink lots of water, be prepared to wait in traffic. Wear a bandana (preferably a Kill the Noise one) and don’t be stupid.

Visit the Kill the Noise web store.

TSiD: How was it working with deadmau5?

KTN: Great, its definitely one of those things I never would’ve expected to happen. The stuff we’ve been working on is sounding fantastic.

Here’s the recent version posted by deadmau5:

TSiD: Any studio time planned with anyone else you’ve never worked with? Are collaborations planned or do they just happen when time allows?

KTN: I’m working on some stuff with Dillon Francis right now. Aside from that there’s all kinds of “plans” to work with people, but who knows when and if any of that stuff will happen haha.

TSiD: Trap, dub step, electro, dnb, moombahton, bass music, etc… are dance floors more receptive than ever to various genres? Any sounds you see on the rise?

KTN: I’ve noticed people aren’t really too concerned about what genre you are playing if you can put it in a set and it makes sense with everything else you are playing. This goes for any DJ really I think. Unless you are at an event that is catering to a very specific crowd it seems like people are into it all.

TSiD: You’ve reached the level where you can start pushing up and coming producers, who should we keep an eye out for?

KTN: Brillz!

TSiD: You can get more info on Brillz here and here

TSiD: What’s your favorite track at the moment?

KTN: Lamb of God – Grace

TSiD: You’ve had a lot of influences, how crazy is it to think that you’re at the point now where someone on a dance floor will start producing and say you were an influence?

KTN: That is definitely the best feeling, and the reason I’m still doing it.

Thanks for the time, see you in Las Vegas for EDC!!

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