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EDC Week Review: Above & Beyond at Wet Republic

As the EDC Week 2014 lineup was slowly being released one of the first events to be announced was Above & Beyond at Wet Republic and there was no second thoughts about going to this event. The pool parties during EDC Week a...
by Keith Wozniak


Sunday Pasties and Pastries Sunrise Pool Party

The music at EDC will stop at 5:30 am on Sunday morning (after Saturday night) and you’ll still want to hear some music so what’re you going to do? Find a way to Sapphire Pool and Day Club to party from 6 am to 6 pm...
by Keith Wozniak


EDMbiz After Party – Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin and Kygo will be playing Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on Thursday, June 19 during EDC week. Overlooking the heart of the strip on the East Deck, the Boulevard Pool’s multilevel, open-air environmen...
by Tory Clinton



Bored With Bikini Bottle Service Girls? A Drone Delivers at Marquee

Las Vegas is the capital of outrageous pricing and features and every club is trying to one up another with crazy options. Drais recently debuted their options where you can pay to have a fireworks display or even spend $737,0...
by Keith Wozniak


FREE EDC Week Pool Party at Marquee

Looking to check out an EDC Week pool party? We’re busting a myth that there isn’t anything for free in Las Vegas during EDC Week and it’s at Marquee Dayclub, one of the worlds best pool parties and a place ev...
by Tory Clinton