EDC Las Vegas is a $35 Million Show

We all know that the 2013 version of EDC Las Vegas is sold out and that it’s one of North America’s biggest events, so much so that major news papers are picking up on it and writing pieces discussing it. The New York Post wrote a short article discussing the event with this biggest bit of information:

While Pasquale Rotella, owner of Insomniac, tries to keep from sapping the surprise out of what promises to be a jaw-dropping dusk-till-dawn spectacle at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, he does reveal, “It’s a $35 million show and the largest percentage of that money goes toward the production. We’re stepping it up and presenting things that you’ve never seen before.” Pressed for specifics, he says, “We’re creating an environment along the lines of what you see at a theme park — but on an even larger scale.”

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$35 million event! Over 60 semi trucks full of scaffolding have already made it to Las Vegas to start the build with less than three weeks to go. This isn’t something that pops up overnight. I’ve heard some rumors of the main stage setup but most of the fun is walking in and being surprised so you’ll have to wait for someone else to leak the information because I will not.

The article goes on to discuss EDC Week from June 18-25 and all of the events lined up which have all been listed on this site. To view all of them visit the EDC Week 2013 Calendar.


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